Robocalls, Traditional Political Advertising Are No More Ad Company Says

Sep 22, 2011, 08:14 by R.E. Christian

SocialVibe, a leading U.S. digital advertising company, said it launched political advertising tailored to campaigns and political action committees.

SocialVibe's engagement ads are used by many of the world's largest brands to offer people something of value for interacting with an ad. The political ad product presents messaging to potential voters, gathers information about their political priorities and encourages them to act on campaign-related activities and share with their friends, the Los Angeles company said Wednesday in a release.

A recent virtual field study in Iowa demonstrated the effectiveness of political engagement ads in generating interaction and sharing on social networks, SocialVibe said. The test campaign -- an interactive quiz about political affiliation -- was shared at more than twice the rate of a typical SocialVibe brand campaign, results indicated. SocialVibe said the study indicated this type campaign could launch in Iowa and reach people in all 50 states in a 24-hour period.

"Campaigns that insist on reaching out to voters only through traditional means will find themselves left on the sidelines in 2012. Print mailings, robocalls, and even TV advertising will all take a back seat to digital advertising this election season," said Jay Samit, SocialVibe chief executive officer. "Engagement advertising has proven to be the most cost effective form of advertising for brands. By bringing the model to the political landscape, campaigns and voters alike can get the true value out of political advertising within social environments like Facebook."

SocialVibe said its engagement advertising would be appropriate for all types of political campaign at all government levels.

Source: UPI