Kindle Fire sales on fire

Amazon's Kindle Fire has captured 54.4 percent of the tablet market for Android operating systems, digital business trackers comScore Inc. said Saturday.

The tablet that was introduced to the market in November has almost doubled its share in the past two months, the firm said.

Two months ago, the Kindle Fire held 29.4 percent of the tablet market for Android operating systems.

In a distant second place, Samsung's Galaxy Tab for Family holds 15.4 percent of the market, while the Motorola Xoom commands 7 percent.

Market researchers said popularity and size of screen were correlated.

“Analysis of page view consumption by screen size found a strong positive association between screen size and content consumption. Specifically, 10″ tablets have a 39-percent higher consumption rate than 7″ tablets and a 58-percent higher rate than 5″ tablets,” comScore said.

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