Thursday, October 27, 2005

No time to gloat or celebrate Miers' withdrawal, or other Bush administration pratfalls 

The withdrawal of Harriet Miers is another rearranging of the same political deck chairs on the Titanic of post-9/11/Peak Oil America. The difference between one Bush insider type (Miers, John Roberts to a large degree), and another (the likes of Ted Olson, or some other Federalist Society criminal, Alberto Gonzales, etc.) is nil.

The goal of this Empire is the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, intensification of the USA PATRIOT Act and subsequent "homeland security" violations, more legal justifications for the expansion of the “war on terrorism,” and a final cover for the criminal pillage of what remains of this democracy, which is already unsalvageable toast.

The stacked deck won't be unstacked. Every pick for the Supreme Court must accelerate this demise, just as every cabinet appointment (such as new Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke) must, by design, be more ruthlessly deadly than their predecessors.

The Supreme Court, the same criminal body responsible for illegally installing George W. Bush, illegally giving the Bush cabal the right to keep the National Energy Policy Development Group (the foundation of the "war on terrorism") secret from the American people, and other unprecedented nightmares, is exactly what it is. Didn't like Miers? Watch what comes for you next. Watch for someone who satisfies both right-wing extremists and corrupted Democrats.

While the Bush faction has hemorrhaged in recent weeks (CIA Plame-Rove-Cheney, DeLay, etc.), it knows exactly how to wag the dog. It knows how to blow things up and kill. More importantly, the larger Empire has lost no steam. The unfolding new horrors in Syria/Lebanon, Venezuela, Haiti and Iraq (another stolen election)—all in the past week alone—provide ample proof of this. A wounded monster thrashes that much harder.

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