Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Post-Katrina New Orleans: American police state is here 

Corroborating and adding to mounting evidence of the militarization of New Orleans, investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill noted the following in a September 12 KPFA radio interview:

1. New Orleans is teeming with heavily-armed mercenaries, troops from the US military and national guard, and police from cities around the country.
2. Mercenaries, including Blackwater USA were deputized by Governor Kathleen Blanco. [Blanco's actions throughout this crisis, noted in a number of previous reports, appear increasingly suspicious and demand investigation.-LC] They are also working for Homeland Security, even though Homeland Security denies it.

3. Blackwater mercenaries were seen looting bars in the French Quarter. Blackwater has also taken over another bar in the French Quarter as their de facto headquarters.

4. Arrogant Blackwater mercenaries that were queried by Scahill boasted about their deputization, and their combat experience in Iraq, which included work for L. Paul Bremer.

5. Mercenaries, troops and New Orleans police are engaged in a terror campaign, intimidating remaining “holdouts,” while continuing to withhold food, medicine and aid.

6. A Blackwater mercenary warned Scahill that the rest of the country will experience the same kind of hell in the future.

Scahill believes, as this writer does, that what is happening in New Orleans is a police state nightmare and an ethnic cleansing, reminiscent of the horrors now being experienced in Haiti and Iraq, and previously in Kosovo—the likes of which has never been seen before on United States soil.

This is the unprecedented tyranny, brought to you by Peak Oil and Gas, made possible by the US government and the Bush administration, with their crime of 9/11. No 9/11, no “war on terrorism.” No 9/11, no USA PATRIOT Act, no Department of Homeland Security. No 9/11, no Afghanistan, no Iraq—no New Orleans.

As the entire Katrina story is already fading from the front pages within the span of one week, its most frightening and important aspects remain the subject of intense cover-up.

The most horrific atrocities, taking place right now in Orwellian New Orleans, are being committed by the American government (federal, state and local) right under the noses of the American people, to the American people.

To borrow a phrase of Mike Ruppert's, “the children of the Bull Market” are being killed, along with the very foundation of this nation.

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