Sunday, September 25, 2005

Militarization of the US homeland: the more you ask, the more you shall receive 

Given the fact that the Bush administration is a criminal organization, it is naïve and ignorant to expect it to behave in a humanitarian fashion. For any reason. Ever.

On the other hand, it is predictable that it would seize every opportunity, and take advantage of every moment of chaos, vulnerability and inattention, to sink its poisonous fangs deeper into the carcass of American democracy.

To those who have complained about this administration's response to Hurricane Katrina, here is its response: Historic changes possible in military's role in domestic emergencies (AP)

To those who “demanded” a greater federal role for Hurricane Rita and all subsequent “emergencies,” here it is: US Northern Command and Hurricane Rita. If the post-Katrina militarization and pillage of New Orleans was not enough to demonstrate what this administration has in mind for the United States, consider what Bush was doing at Northcom, in Colorado. Ask yourselves why military operations, not “emergency relief,” is always the first (and perhaps only) priority.

To those Americans who have, for the past four years, demanded to be “made safe” from “terrorists,” the administration that gave you 9/11 itself, has given you the “war on terrorism,” the USA PATRIOT Act and a US police state, Afghanistan, Iraq and more “endless war,” and more endless police state.

As Michel Chossudovsky astutely notes, “we are not dealing with a situation of political inertia. Quite the opposite. The military has taken control of the emergency procedures.”

We also are NOT dealing with “incompetence.”

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