Wednesday, September 21, 2005

British prison break and blown covert operation, exposes 'war on terrorism' lie 

On Monday, six British armored vehicles smashed into an Iraqi jail in Basra to free two undercover SAS elite special forces commandos who were engaged in a bungled espionage operation involving the planting of explosives. Michel Chossudovsky has broken down the story down and put it in to context: British "Undercover Soldiers" Caught driving Booby Trapped Car.

See also the mainstream coverage from BBC, Washington Post, The Independent and the Christian Science Monitor.

This incident is as obvious and embarrassing as the 1986 downing of Oliver North's Southern Air Transport/CIA supply plane over Nicaragua (piloted by Eugene Hasenfus), which started what is known as the Iran-Contra scandal. In the wake of official denials and tap-dancing from the British, a new cover-up is already underway,

What this scandal confirms, in spectacular fashion, is that the “war on terrorism” is a lie. It has been a lie, from the manufactured 9/11 to the present; one huge covert operation spearheaded by the US and the British governments, built upon endless faked intelligence and lies. It further confirms that the lie itself is becoming increasingly difficult to control.

Here we have British agents caught trying to plant explosives, setting up a bombing to murder civilians, and instigating fighting between the British and the Iraqi police (“allies”). Why?

In the timely and thorough analysis Al-Qaeda and the Iraqi Resistance Movement, Chossudovsky asks: “Has the US [and Britain] created as part of a covert intelligence operation, a bogus ‘resistance movement' made up of its own Al Qaeda sponsored ‘terrorists'? Their suicide attacks target Iraqi civilians rather than the US military. The suicide bombings tend to encourage sectarian divisions not only within Iraq, but throughout the entire Middle East. They serve Washington's interests. They contribute to undermining the development of a broader resistance movement uniting Shia, Sunni, Kurds and Christians against the illegal occupation of the Iraqi homeland. They also tend to create, at the international level, divisions within the antiwar and peace movements.”

The answer to the question, emphatically underscored by the British prison break, is yes.

A manufactured and guided “terrorism,” including suicide bombings set up by Western forces, and blamed on “terrorists” (Zarqawi, etc.), and “real” blowback violence (anti-occupation resistance)—fomented by the West, for geostrategic purposes.

The real terror threat originates from Washington, and its brethren in London and Tel Aviv.

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