Thursday, July 07, 2005

London attacks: Don't let fear overcome focus 

In the immediate wake of 9/11, and the bombings in Bali and Madrid, shock—“terror”—gripped the minds of people across the world, robbing them of their critical faculties. Today, July 7, 2005, as London received its version of 9/11 in multiple subway bombings, the ability to maintain focus is as important as it was on the previous occasions.

Now, mere hours following the bombings, while there is no reliable information on what really happened, there is a tidal wave of the fear, hysteria, and fear-mongering.

From the UK, researcher Ian Henshall is asking, among other questions, "Was the London attack helped or allowed to happen by rogue elements in the US/UK security forces?"

Henshall's questions are on the mark.

What really happened, and who benefits? What was this operation, and who or what had the ability to pull it off? (Who or what did not?) Who knew?

Did Israel know? What did the CIA, MI-6, etc. know?

What, indeed, is going on?

The answers will not come from the governments and government-controlled media. They never do.

What does a new terror event (intentionally or coincidentally) wipe off the front pages? Some events leading up to July 7, 2005:

Listen to: "Galloway wary of staged attack as pretext for Iran invasion" (audio)

The larger backdrop:

Among the things to watch in the wake of the London event:

“Terror” alerts are now being issues around the world.

Web sites such as From The Wilderness, Center for Research on Globalisation and Online Journal have consistently separated wheat from chaff, realities from rhetoric, and information from disinformation. Sources like this will be increasingly necessary, as conditions worsen.

Only one thing is certain at this hour. It is up to you—an independent-thinking individual—to find the answers. It always is.


Special thanks to Jamey Hecht for timely material.

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