Friday, July 22, 2005

Hatch likens Bush to Jesus Christ 

In a Thursday Washington Post article about George W. Bush's Supreme Court pick, John G. Roberts, and what the wimpy Democratic sell-outs plan to do about Bush's awful choice, other than again capitulating to the GOP juggernaut, the Post picked up a remark Senator Orrin Hatch made on Fox News, comparing the Democrats to the Pharisees and Bush to Jesus Christ:

"'It's a little bit like biblical Pharisees, you know, who basically are always trying to undermine Jesus Christ,' he said on Fox News. 'You know, it goes on the same way. If they can catch him in something, they can then criticize and the outside groups will go berserk.'"

To Christians, is this remark not blasphemy?

Will Orrin next tell us that criminal Bush, who for all intents and purposes is now a dictator—though most Americans don't yet get it—is actually the Second Coming of Christ? Will Bush attempt to walk on water to prove it?

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