Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Condi Rice incites violence in Lebanon 

In response to the assassination of George Hawi, which is being blamed on Syria despite no evidence whatsoever for the crime, Condoleeza Rice said:

"I don't know who is responsible, and I don't want to say that I know who was responsible, because I don't. But there is an atmosphere of instability. Syria's activities are part of that context, and that atmosphere, and they need to knock it off."

The news headlines that followed this performance promptly screamed, "Rice Blames Syria For Killing", "Rice links Syria to Lebanon assassination", "Rice: Syria Responsible".

No, Condi. You do “want to say.” You know exactly what you want to say. You know exactly what you are planting.

Yes, Condi. We know who benefits from Syria being blamed for the assassinations of Hariri, journalist Samir Kassir, and now Hawi. It's not Syria.

Yes, Condi, we know you like the way anti-Syrian Lebanese are parading around the streets with banners reading "Who's next, Syria?"

Yes, Condi. If this is not a US/Israel-guided insurrection and destabilization all the way, it is working like one, and the world knows that you and your administration are deeply involved in the “context.”

So knock it off.

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