Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Behind the Koran-flushing noise, the Bush administration prepares for the next illegal war 

To put the Koran-flushing headlines in the right context, it's clear that the Bush administration and the American media have resorted to Byzantine trickery to mask brutal realities that continue to unfold on the war front.

Unable to exert its control of Iraq, unable to stop resistance to its illegal occupation, and desperate to move US forces in preparation for the coming war in Iran, the Bush administration has pulled out all the stops:

1. As Mike Ruppert writes in From The Wilderness:

"As we have so clearly said in FTW and in 'Crossing the Rubicon,' the intent of the neocons has always been to create a civil war in Iraq. Why? With the country eventually carved up like Yugoslavia into much smaller regions the demands on the US military will be greatly decreased. After all, the only thing we really want to protect is the oil which runs in a thin sliver of land from Basra in the south to Kurdish-controlled areas around Mosul in the north. As far as Dick Cheney is concerned, the rest of the "brown" people can kill themselves. We are after all overpopulated, aren't we? The fact is that the civil war is already underway. The dramatic increase in bombings and attacks reflects not just attacks on the US military, but Muslim on Muslim violence."

This "let it happen" civil war, long forecasted by observers such as Scott Ritter, is simply part of the plan.

2. Anti-US violence across the Middle East, indigenous resistance to occupation, has been ongoing. The US propaganda apparatus has intentionally characterized this as "terrorism," "sectarian fanaticism," etc.

3. There is exhaustive documented proof of prisoner torture and abuse by Anglo-American forces, many years worth that the Bush administration has desperately attempted to deny—and the corporate media has purposely not reported. This brutality is standard CIA/Pentagon procedure, creatively worsened, and signed off by Bush (Alberto Gonzales). Abu Ghraib was a tip of the huge iceberg, an iceberg that includes the massacre of (uncounted) thousands. It appears that the Koran-flushing incident (another tiny tip of the iceberg) has been singled out in order to provide the American public with an explanation (other than the truth) for the expanding violence from the Iraqi resistance, and rage across the Middle East. This is an example of a "limited hangout."

4. Just as other scandals (such as the Dan Rather/CBS/Bush story) have been twisted, co-opted and turned by the Bush media manipulation army of Karl Rove, Newsweek and Michael Isikoff are being blamed for fabricating the story, resulting in a dubious retraction. The Bush forces have decided to cast the right-wing mainstream corporate media in the role of the patsy—"liberal"-bashing on steroids. The resulting backlash against the so-called "liberal" media will totally shut down what little reporting is done by reporters, and push an already right-wing corporate media (that already functions as "embedded" Pentagon stenographers) even further into US government control (if that is possible). Again, as the war expands and deepens, so must control of information.

5. Even as the likes of Rumsfeld are taking advantage of this propaganda twist to create a furious noise—to drown out the truth about the US occupation (and resistance to it) and deflect blame—all the evidence of torture sits there like a pile of stinking garbage. The rest of the world is not fooled. The angry masses in the Middle East certainly are not fooled.

There has never been a more critical moment to ignore the myriad distractions and noise, and the Bush administration smoke.

The US wants Iraq's oil, to hell with the rest (literally). The US will attack Iran, if not unilaterally, then in concert with its proxies. The US must execute its geostrategy in every region, and flush the entire world down the toilet.

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