Monday, April 18, 2005

State Department's "Ministry of Truth" honors Madsen and Online Journal 

We are flattered—flattered!—that the excellent work of investigative journalist Wayne Madsen and Online Journal have come to the attention of the State Department and are deemed worthy of attack by its Ministry of Truth (a.k.a. Counter Misinformation Team) honcho Todd Leventhal.

While this is not quite as prestigious an honor as being included in Richard Nixon's Enemies List, especially since Mr. Leventhal's operation can barely be called a team—himself, a full-time assistant and one part-timer—and is part of the Karen Hughes-inspired International Propaganda . . . Information Programs, we accept this honor as a start in getting the Bush administration's panties in a wad or, as our British cousins say, knickers in a twist.

Not all of us in the Fourth Estate will lie down to be trampled on by neocons, theocrats, Republicans and Democrats. To borrow the words of Dylan Thomas, we will “not go gentle into that good night,” but we shall continue to “rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

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