Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bubba wanted your Social Security money too 

Social Security rehab first died under Clinton”(Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle) exposes in detail is how the current Social Security "reform" agenda began under Clinton and comprised all the current Bush administration rationales: the "need to save it" and Wall Street "private accounts". And Clinton's program would likely have succeeded, had it not been for the Monica Lewinsky scandal that distracted Washington.

Clinton and Bush have been on the same team since the days of the Reagan-Bush era Mena, Arkansas, narcotrafficking operation. Looting, the manipulation of markets, black budget operations, accounting frauds (Enron, Worldcom, etc.), budget shenanigans, and money laundering—and the cover-up of all the above—are bipartisan, joint neocon-neoliberal imperatives.

In addition to agendas that funnel as much existing funds as possible to Wall Street (the CIA is Wall Street and vice versa), Social Security is a program that elites know will no longer be sustainable as Peak Oil's wars sap the federal till dry—if the till even has money in it now.

Where is the money?

Will the real economic hit men please stand up?

Why is Maurice “Hank” Greenberg of AIG, under investigation for a swindle (that also involved the venerable Warren Buffett) taking the Fifth?

What more do liberals, progressives and Democrats need to hear, before they stop deifying Clinton and let Democrats off the hook? Will they ever “get it?”

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