Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Pentagon strategy: United States will target “internal threats” of other countries 

With the fabricated “war on terrorism,” the Bush administration gave itself the propaganda pretext to intimidate, provoke, presumptively attack, occupy and plunder any nation in its crosshairs, in order to carry out its geostrategic imperatives and sequential conquest of world oil and energy supplies. International law, national sovereignty, and other inconveniences have been routinely destroyed, along with the defenseless populations in the way.

Now under its new Pentagon defense strategy (and detailed analysis in “New Undeclared Arms Race” by Michel Chossudovsky), the administration, with predictable hubris, explicitly grants itself permission to enter any country to combat that country's “internal threats” (as dictated by the United States, and then forced upon “cooperative” partners). In addition to the usual “terrorism” and “weapons of mass destruction,” the administration will act against insurgencies (i.e. nationalistic movements that oppose US interests), along with narcotrafficking and organized crime operations that the United States (the leading exponent of all of the previous criminal activities) is not itself overtly or covertly managing and controlling.

As the world's leading post-Cold War superpower, the United States has long possessed the means and the might to intervene, interfere, invade, and wage war, along with the force to bring virtually any nation to its political knees. The new Pentagon strategy simply makes it easier, spelling out new political and criminal intentions upfront---including plans to “influence” China and Russia, which face “strategic crossroads” with the United States.
For more on the emerging world war landscape, see Chossudovsky's “New Undeclared Arms Race”, and “GlobalCorp” by Mike Ruppert.

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