Thursday, March 17, 2005

Argentine president asks for Shell boycott 

President Nestor Kirchner of Argentina has asked Argentines to boycott Royal Dutch/Shell. The Dutch/UK oil company announced price hikes on gasoline and diesel fuel last week.

Reuters reports that Kirchner, at an event with schoolchildren last week, said: "Argentines should not buy from them, they have to say 'no' to Shell. Let's unite and not even buy a can of oil from them. May they realize that Argentines no longer put up with this. A national boycott is the best thing the people can do," at an event with schoolchildren last week.

Kirchner's stand was backed by pickets who protested at local Shell headquarters.

In criticizing Royal Dutch/Shell, Krichner noted that Brazil's Petrobras and Spain's YPF Repsol do not plan to raise prices. Kirchner is concerned that hikes in energy prices will spark the kind of hyperinfation that ruined the Argentine economy in 1989-1990.

Can you imagine a US president ever calling on Americans to boycott a corporation, even a foreign one?

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