Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Iraqi election is a lie 

US media have been an orgy of flatulent Bush administration triumphalism and lying, as they go on and on about "remarkable turnout," "defying the resistance." etc. We expected Anglo-American forces to have planned this charade months in advance (just as the previous sham elections in the US, Ukraine and Afghanistan were created). We expected the manipulation. We expected this near-total media denial of actual conditions on the ground in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Dahr Jamail continues to expose what a sham the "election" has been. Iraqis were forced to turn out to inflate the numbers. Many voted for food. Dahr Jamail has more than earned a Pulitzer for being one of the (if not the) only independent reporters in Iraq.
As for the resistance to the occupation (a popular and widespread resistance), it continues to solidify with time and increases in force, even as Bush-controlled US media must always portray the resistance as evil movie villains. The US has lost. All Bush is doing now is covering up this fact. Again, Dahr Jamail's reports confirm all of this.

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