Friday, December 10, 2004

DLC wants party to march further rightward 

Al From and Bruce Reed of the Democratic Leadership Council have declared that the Democratic Party must go even further rightward, and furthermore that Dems must reject "our anti-war wing of the party, so that the right-wing can no longer portray us as the anti-war party," and "we must leave no doubt that Michael Moore neither represents nor defines our party."

From has even called for full repudiation of In apparent response, MoveOn has sent out an email countering that the grass roots masses that opposed Bush and the war "are" the party, and that they will continue to fight for It.

Today's Ed Schultz program, one of the Air America network's standard Dem/conservative hotbeds (Schultz sticks squarely to DLC platform, and the Limbaugh/O'Reilly infotainment end of the spectrum even at the most critical times) was devoted to attacking MoveOn as being "too extreme," "too elitist" and "not inclusive enough." Callers jammed the phone lines to concur.

In a sickening display, one call from a professed "hardcore moderate soccer mom fence sitter" shouted that "WE make and break elections for the Democrats, and if the Left extreme angers us, we will simply switch to the Republicans." Schultz wholeheartedly agreed.

This "moderation," the refusal to comprehend and oppose the worst crime wave in human history, being committed by our own system, is nothing less than a crime in and of itself. Indeed, America's ignorant "soccer moms and dads" are as guilty as Bush himself for the atrocities being committed on a daily basis.

A "moderate" position? On three consecutive elections, blatantly stolen by Republicans? On the mass murder of 9/11, orchestrated, carried out, and exploited by the Bush administration? On the bogus “war on terrorism”? On world war, and about the genocidal attacks on defenseless nations in the Middle East? On rapacious war for oil? On the total destruction of the rule of law, the death of the Constitution, and a complete police state in the United States?

Is there such a thing as being half hit by a train?

Tell us, "soccer parents." what your "moderate" feelings are, as our children are sent to die for criminal wars all over the world, with no end in sight.

Will you join the DLC, and "reject the anti-war wing," when you bury them?

I take this opportunity to ask anyone who still believes in the Dems, what more does that hopelessly corrupt cadaver of an institution need to do to convince you that they are (with the exception of a tiny handful of members of Congress) no less poisonous a collection of war criminals than the Republicans?

I'm on record with my outrage towards MoveOn as well as Michael Moore—for not being close to addressing (and at times distorting) the most important truths about 9/11 and post-9/11 life. Yet here they are, taking heat as being "extremist" for their relatively safe and/or misguided positions.

But then, this is the DLC we're talking about. They have worked hard with the right, for over a decade, to turn America into what it already was: a deeply Red, wholly fascist nation.

Red with blood.

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