Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hell, not "help", is on the way 

Following up on my just-published article (See "The 'Make Us Safe Believers: Enabling Their Own March In Fascism"), I must note with alarm how the violence of the Kerry-Edwards and Democratic Party war rhetoric -- not less vicious and murder-filled than what is coming out of Bush-Cheney-Rove -- has become acceptable pop culture and water-cooler conversation.

It is just one more toxic legacy of 9/11 that any president of the United States, or presidential candidate, can shout about how he will "kill" terrorists and not even bother to hide their war crimes and mass murder plans beneath noble language. Dem/Kerrycrats are not blanching in horror, but happily going along.

We hear the Kerry falsehoods repeated all the time now. "The world was united after 9/11". No, it was not. (In shock and ignorance, perhaps.) Nothing in history has been more divisive, more callously so. "Iraq was a diversion from the real 'war on terrorism' -- IN AFGHANISTAN!!" So, the bombing, invasion, occupation and militarization of Afghanistan, and the slaughter of thousands of innocent Afhgans (in the name of a crime committed by operatives of the Bush administration), the installment of a US-CIA puppet regime, anarchy, the seizure of resource reserves, and the re-establishment of the opium/heroin trafficking was "all good"?

In all the worst ways, the neoliberal faction is, under the "anti-Bush" cover, trying to get people -- everyone -- back to the mindset of September 12, 2001: numbed, out of it, enraged about "foreigners", and applauding preemptive, presumptive war.

This morning, Senator Bob Kerrey appeared on two radio programs on the Soros-funded Dem/Kerrycrat stronghold, Air America Radio, to address the latest bin Laden videotape.
It is sickening enough the way this tape has been immediately accepted as authentic, and the bin Laden accepted as both real and true to the "war on terrorism" myth. No questions asked about who or what "bin Laden" really is, al Qaeda/Bin Laden's CIA history, confirmed reports of bin Laden's July 2001 stay in a US hospital in Dubai (where he was visited by CIA agents), or bin Laden's hospitalization in Pakistan (on 9/10/01).

Kerrey, one of the leading cover-up liars of the 9/11 Commission, and a Phoenix Program war criminal, spoke of how "we have to respond violently." Liars, issuing policy statements in response to a possible fabrication featuring a propaganda image. Kerrey also gloated about the success of "globalism" all over the world, promising that a Kerry presidency would deliver it. The Kerrycrats cheered.

In mere hours, we will see about the (s)election. We are in trouble, either way.

What will a lame duck Bush adminstration do in its final two months at the controls? What violent neocon rampage would Bush-Cheney engineer? Who will Bush pardon? Himself and his entire administration?

What hell would Bush, another (s)election stolen, give the world with another four years?

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