Monday, November 01, 2004

Azzam & bin Laden videos exposed? 

Clues on "Azzam the American" and the electronic logos
(INN World Report, Oct. 31)

“Why did the CIA not verify the contains the tape's authenticity of Azzam the American, which containes a logo of "an al-Qaida production group", but "approved" Bin Laden's video, which had the same logo?”

Terrorism: Tale of the Tape
(Newsweek. Nov. 8 issue)

“It was the second alarming tape to air within a week. On Thursday, ABC broadcast footage of an angry, fluent-English speaker called Azzam the American threatening that U.S. streets would run with blood. Some investigators think that Azzam could be a Southern Californian named Adam Gadahn, an American convert to Islam, who has been the focus of terror warnings since May. (The tape had an electronic logo burned into the bottom of the image—the same logo that appeared on the bin Laden tape and on other Qaeda videos, NEWSWEEK has learned.)”

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