Monday, September 13, 2004

A thank you to our well-wishers 

Our appreciation to all of you who called (when you could get through) and emailed your concerns about our safety during Hurricane Frances.

Other than losing electricity and phones, having a mess of downed tree limbs and the debris therefrom to clean up, and damage to an outbuilding caused by falling limbs, Frances left our little spot in Florida relatively unscathed. I wish I could say others in the Sunshine State were as fortunate.

My first concern when I could get back online was to start publishing articles that had piled up along with more than a thousand emails. I beg the indulgence of Online Journal's readers and writers, because it is going to take some time for me to get caught up.

While our main server is in a more secure location, the one for the mailing list is here. I ask those of you on the mailing list to check Online Journal's website, because weather conditions here, due to daily thunderstorms and whatever effects we experience from Hurricane Ivan, are not favorable for sending to the list.
Right now, Ivan seems to be headed for the Florida Panhandle or points west of it, but, given its size, we are likely to experience wind gusts and heavy rains coming off the outer bands.

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