Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Is Kerry the Democrats' sacrificial lamb? 

If John Kerry truly wants to be president, then he has got to stop the nonsense and start pounding away on George W. Bush's record of failures and that is assuming the computerized voting devices haven't already been rigged for Bush.

Kerry just wasted two days on the non-issue of assault weapons and probably lost thousands of votes in the process. Guns in the hands of citizens may be a bug-a-boo with a fraction of liberals, who foolishly think getting rid of guns will make crime vanish, and certain of our friends abroad. We suspect, though, that the anti-gun lobby was something dreamt up in the bowels of a right-wing think tank and foisted on unsuspecting liberal do-gooders. After all, one of the first things Hitler did was remove the citizens' guns.

To those who say small arms are useless against military firepower, what is currently going on in Iraq belies that argument. Old Saddam, knowing what was going to happen in the wake of the illegal US invasion of his country, was wily enough to arm the Iraqi people before he was overthrown.

At every step, thus far, Kerry has allowed the Bushies to frame the debate and, thusly, make him look weak, indecisive and deceitful, while portraying the liar-in-chief, who skipped out on his National Guard commitment, stole the presidency, wrecked the economy, initiated two illegal wars, trampled on the Bill of Rights, tore up treaties, spit in our allies' faces, and is destroying the environment, as some kind of strong, decisive leader—a hero, if you will.

Bush's record speaks for itself. The man who was going to restore “honor and dignity” to the White House has brought us disgrace and ruin that will take decades to overcome, if, there is anything left to overcome should he and his gang remain in power. Kerry has been handed a mountain of incontrovertible facts to work with, but, thus far, he seems just about blind to them all.

Kerry has allowed his service in Vietnam to be smeared by the Bushies, while turning a blind eye to the truth about Bush's. He has allowed the Bushies to turn his ability to think and reason into a liability: flip-flopper, while ignoring Bush's egregious flip-flops (see Flip-Flopper-in-Chief).

John Kerry has had his eye on the presidency for a long time. Surely he didn't think that going up against George W., Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Karen Hughes and their Soprano neocons was going to be a civilized thing. Actually, the Sopranos fight fairer.

Karl Rove may not be a household name among those Americans who get their “news” from the corporate media. But for those of you thought Poppy Bush's boy, the late Lee Atwater, who destroyed Michael Dukakis was evil, his protégé, Rove, is beyond evil.
Now, unless Kerry is just raw meat for what may be our last presidential election and is meant to lose, someone has to get through to him: John Kerry, you can and must do better. Everything you need to win has been handed to you on a platter by Bush. Use it!

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