Sunday, August 01, 2004

Vote of no confidence or another GOP trick? 

There are two ways to look at the flyers the Florida GOP sent out to some Republicans, advising them to apply for paper ballots because the new touchscreens provide not paper trail, then, after raising the ire of Gov. Jeb Bush, offering a lame apology, saying it regretted that the language in the flyer wasn't clear.

Not clear? It couldn't be much clearer: ''The liberal Democrats have already begun their attacks and the new electronic voting machines do not have a paper ballot to verify your vote in case of a recount. Make sure your vote counts, order your absentee ballot today.''

So, was this the work of an individual or group within the party truly concerned about electronic voting systems that provide no auditable paper trail or a ruse the GOP thinks will cover its tracks when it steals the 2004 vote?

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