Saturday, July 03, 2004

Is Bush planning to pull another PR stunt in Iraq? 

Is Bush planning to pull another PR stunt in Iraq?

The word floating in from a military source in Iraq is that George W. may be planning another quick photo-op in Baghdad for three purposes: stealing the thunder from John Kerry's announcement of his choice for vice president; tamping down Saddam Hussein's performance last Thursday in a dubious “court” (what little of it US authorities didn't censor) by strutting macho-like to show the Iraqi people he is stronger than Saddam; and attempting to boost his sinking poll numbers.

Ah, but there is another element to the Bushistas' madness, according to the source: “The last time Mr. Bush was here General Sanchez requested all the kids who saw Mr. Bush write home to their families and local newspapers to tell them how happy they were that Mr. Bush came to visit them. A few moments ago we were ordered to have thousands of ‘commemorative presidential' letterheads published for distribution to the kids so that their letters home will saturate the States and many more letters than last time will make it into the media…This PR crap that Mr. Bush's Karl Rove dreams up is disgusting. Are we over here fighting an insurgency or reelecting [sic] a bad commander in chief?”

You have to admit that there is no bottom to the filth the Bush cabal comes up with. And how can someone who wasn't elected be reelected?

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