Friday, July 09, 2004

A classic Bush temper tantrum 

Like the kid on the playground who can't stand losing and picks up his baseball bat and goes home, an angry George W. stomped out of a press briefing Thursday when asked questions about his relationship with indicted former Enron chief Kenneth Lay, whom Bush had dubbed “Kenny Boy” back in the salad days when Lay and his wife were pouring some three-quarter of a million dollars in GOP campaign coffers from 1989 to 2001.

Not able quite yet to shout, “Off with their heads,” Bush's temper grows shorter by the day. Asked during a campaign appearance in North Carolina how John Edwards, John Kerry's choice for vice president, stacked up against Dick “Potty Mouth” Cheney, Bush snapped, “Dick Cheney can be president.”

Yeah, right, if old Snarling Potty Mouth doesn't wind up in an orange jump suit for his “big time” Halliburton skullduggery. But at a cabinet meeting, in response to aides worried about Cheney being indicted by a French court and the probes undertaken by federal prosecutors who haven't yet figured out how to sweep the Cheney-Halliburton scandal under the rug, Bush reportedly growled, “F*uck ‘em all.”

Aren't you so f*cking glad, that f*cking Bush and Cheney brought f*cking honor and dignity back to the f*cking White House?

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