Friday, April 30, 2004

Sinclair Broadcasting orders stations to boycott tonight's Nightline 

In a move sure to please the White House that is determined to keep Americans from seeing the coffins of the US troops who have died in Iraq, the eight affiliates owned by Sinclair Broadcasting won't be running tonight's Nightline paying homage to those troops who have paid the ultimate price for Bush's war.

Why, said Sinclair vice president and general manager, they have determined—they who are allowed to profit from the public's airwaves— that Nightline anchor Ted Koppel's ” motivation is to focus attention solely on people who have died in the war in order to push public opinion toward the United States getting out of Iraq.”

Well, if that is Koppel's motivation, its about time.

As for Sinclair, the FCC should revoke its broadcast license.

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