Saturday, March 13, 2004

US continues to pay con man Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress some $340,000 a month 

George W. Bush keeps cutting money for everything that would help the people, and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan now wants to reduce their Social Security benefits and add to the number of years they have to work in order to collect. Yet, the Bush administration has the money to continue paying Ahmed Chalabi, a convicted felon and fugitive from justice, and his Iraqi National Congress about $340,000 a month for "intelligence" about Iraqi insurgents.

This is the same Chalabi who supplied the Bush administration with false, misleading and fabricated information in order to promote an illegal war against Iraq. This is the same Chalabi who took the Bushies and New York Times reporter Judith Miller down the garden path about Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction." This is the same Chalabi who was convicted in absentia in 1992 by a Jordanian court for bank fraud, embezzlement, and currency-trading irregularities, following the collapse of the Petra Bank that he set up in 1977. And this is the same Chalabi who is currently serving as a member of the Iraqi Governing Council and who has his eye on becoming Saddam's replacement.

Is Jordan, an ally du jour, so afraid of the US that it is not demanding Chalabi be handed over to serve his prison term? Silly question.

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