Friday, January 30, 2004

If CBS won't yield on running the commercial, boycott Super Bowl 

There is only one thing corporations understand: money. The folks at the Censorship Broadcasting System (CBS) are no different. So if they refuse to yield on running the commercial during Sunday's Super Bowl, hit them in the pocketbook by not watching the game. CBS and the FCC need strong reminding that the airwaves belong to the people, not to them to do anything they please.

Yours truly was so infuriated by's call for a miserable one-minute boycott during halftime, that I fired off the following email to Trevor FitzGibbon (, 202-822-5200).

"A one-minute boycott? What kind of wusses are you? Is that game so bloody important to you? Boycott the whole game! If enough people boycott it, CBS will take a hit in its pocketbook (the only thing such people understand), because when the guaranteed ratings don't materialize, they will have to give the advertisers additional free time.

CBS must be laughing themselves silly over your call for a one-minute boycott. It's time to get serious!"

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