Thursday, January 08, 2004

Building up the corporate-controlled New Democrats' favorite warrior: General Wesley Clark 

It was disconcerting, to put it mildly, to watch Peter Jennings' velvet glove treatment of General Wesley Clark during Wednesday's Democratic presidential candidate series on World News Tonight. Jennings didn't just lob softball questions at the Republican turned Democrat who wants to be the Democratic nominee, he tossed sponge balls.

Jennings completely dropped the ball when it came to Clark's tenure as NATO commander in Kosovo. Rather than question Clark about nearly beating Bush to starting the next world war, Jennings allowed him to pave over his dismissal from his post as thought it had been merely a matter of office politics. Yipes!

And Clark is the guy the corporate-controlled New Democrats are hoping can stop Howard Dean. Double yipes!

If Democrats across the land voted in their self-interest and the interest of the nation -- assuming there is an honest primary vote (a big assumption, given e-voting machines, controlled by Republicans, that produce no paper trail -- Dennis Kucinch would win the party's nomination hands down.

But the powers that be are going to assure that Kucinich isn't going to win and, if they can pull it off, they are out to kill Dean's bid, too. We realists (deranged is what the neocons call us these days) realize that whether it's Dean, Clark, Kerry, Gephardt. Edwards or Lieberman (Mosely Braun and Sharpton have been consigned to the ash heap, too) that any change, should a Democrat somehow prevail against the Bush-Rovian machine, will only be a matter of degree.

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