Tuesday, November 11, 2003

A warm fuzzy for Veterans' Day 

The Bushies who keep telling us how we must support our troops, while George tries to keep cutting their benefits, are now trying to prevent a group of Gulf War I veterans from collecting from Iraqi assests frozen in the US the money a court awarded them for the torture they were subjected to while being held as prisoners of war.

While the Bush regime is trying to keep this move quiet, its lawyers, who so far are winning, thanks to an executive order Bush signed prior to illegally invading Iraq last March confiscating the Iraqi assests and converting them to assets of the US government, are arguing that the funds are needed to help rebuild Iraq.

Last May, Bush signed a declaration that removed Iraq from the list of countries liable to court judgments for rights abuses and links to terrorism..

So much for supporting our troops, past and present, eh?

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