Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Iraqi resistance fighters are to no longer be called 'resistance fighters' by reporters for the LA Times 

George W.'s complaint about "media filters" has gotten through to the editors at the Los Angeles Times, as well as the network newsies who, since Bush expressed his displeasure, have been playing up the "good" things happening in Iraq.

Talk about self-censorship, the latest of which, according to the Nov. 7 Sydney Morning Herald (you thought you would read about this in US newspapers?), is the Times' declaration, in an email to the staff, that calling Iraqi resistance fighters just that romanticizes them and "evokes World War II-era heroism." From now on the Iraqi resistance fighters will be referred to as insurgents or guerillas. Hey, how about calling them "leftist guerillas?" The media used to love to label armed groups that fought against oppressive governments favored and propped up by Washington "leftist guerillas."

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