Sunday, October 05, 2003

Have the powers behind the curtain had enough of Bush? 

Yours truly has predicted for months that if the corporate globalists have had enough of George W. Bush that they will replace him with someone who appears kinder, gentler and more diplomatic in his approach to the US and the world.

Bush has delivered everything his corporate masters wanted, from negating treaties that destroy their profits to invading Afghanistan and Iraq for the benefit of the energy companies, the weapons manufacturers and the construction firms, plus all the tax breaks he has given both business and his rich patrons.

Now with more mounting scandals -- the criminal outing of former Amabassador Joseph Wilson's wife as a CIA operative being the latest and the one that could finally result in Bush's long overdue impeachment -- growing unrest at home over the still sinking economy and the historic level of debt Bush has piled up, and the way he has turned world opinion against the US, the powers behind the curtain are sending subtle signals that Bush has become a liability.

Headlines such as this one in the Sunday, Oct. 5, Contra Costa Times, Republicans unsure of Bush's chances for 2004 election, are starting to show up in a number of newspapers.

Since private corporations now control the voting systems in 37 states -- and that number is growing -- and in the wake of the stolen 2000 presidential election, replacing Bush is easy.

While any of the Democrats, with the exception of Dennis Kucinich, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton, will do, retired General Wesley Clark may be their man.

You have been warned.

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