Billy Graham Hospitalized with Pneumonia

May 12, 2011, 08:40 by R.E. Christian

The Rev. Billy Graham was admitted to an Asheville, N.C., hospital Wednesday, where he was treated for pneumonia, a spokesman for the evangelist said.

Spokesman, A. Larry Ross said the 92-year-old minister was in good spirits and signed all his own admission forms to Mission Hospital, where he was receiving antibiotics and was listed in stable condition, CNN reported.

He had a fever and periods of coughing, sweating and difficulty breathing Tuesday night and was taken to the hospital near his Montreat, N.C., home.

Dr. Lucien Rice, Graham's primary physician, said he doesn't know yet when Graham will be discharged. He said Graham "is resting comfortably and is fully alert," ABC News reported.

Graham, who also had prostate cancer, was hospitalized in 2007 for almost two weeks after experiencing intestinal bleeding.

He was hospitalized in October 2008 after he tripped on one of his dogs and fell over.

Source: UPI