Roger Ebert Wins Cartoon Captioning Contest

Apr 27, 2011, 05:42 by David Hope

Roger Ebert, the famed Chicago film critic has won one of
The New Yorker magazine's weekly cartoon caption contests.

The publication said Ebert submitted 107 entries before winning.

"To the delight of film fans, film criticism fans, caption contest fans and Roger Ebert fans -- and count me among all of the above -- Mr. Ebert has finally fulfilled his quest to win The New Yorker caption contest," the magazine said on its Web site Monday.

"Two thumbs up for you, Roger," the message said, referring to Ebert's signature gesture for a film worth seeing.

The winning caption entry was for a cartoon that depicted a couple carrying groceries through a desert and arriving in front of a sign emblazoned with a bold letter "F."

Ebert's one-liner said, "I'm not going to say the word I'm thinking of."

Source: UPI