Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Return to Haiti

Mar 17, 2011, 09:32

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti's Former President, is returning to to the country of Haiti, his American lawyer says. Miami attorney Ira Kurzban told CNN Saturday, "He is headed back to Haiti. We don't know when yet, but it will be before the elections.

"He has no interest in meddling or being involved in the election. He has no interest in being involved in politics," Kurzban added.

The presidential runoff is scheduled for March 20.

Aristide, the Caribbean country's first democratically elected president in 190 years, was overthrown in 2004 and has been living in exile in South Africa.

Haiti gave him a new passport in February, but Kurzban said he fears not being able to go home after the election if a new administration revokes his visa.

"He wants to go home. He's been in exile for seven years," the lawyer said. "He wants to get his medical school up and operating given the conditions in Haiti. That's his interest."

Aristide, a former Roman Catholic priest, has charged the United States and other powers were behind his downfall. He repeated his longstanding wish to return after former dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier unexpectedly showed up in Haiti in January.

Source: UPI