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The Mailbag Last Updated: Jun 2nd, 2008 - 01:26:15

Letters from readers

Jun 2, 2008, 00:11

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May 25, 2008

Concentration camps in America


I certainly hope that what this article is talking about doesn�t happen. How would one find out, if their name is on the FEMA list of people, to be put in concentration camps in America? If this does happen, I suspect that people over fifty will be on the list. The New World Order is against people that aren�t productive to this planet. That includes people on welfare, etc.

I am so nervous, that I am considering a move to Boquete, Panama. Fortune magazine rates Boquete, Panama, as the fourth best place in the world to retire. Boquete is 500 miles from Panama City in the Boquete highlands. The valley is beautiful.



May 19, 2008

John Hagee


You were a little hard on Hagee, I think. Being a Baptist, I do not agree with some of Hagee's theology, but I do sympathize with his support of Israel.

I do not believe, and neither does Hagee, that we can somehow usher in the second coming by anything we do as people, or as nations. Bible prophecy tells us only what God will do. God is Omnipotent and does not need our help. In other words, He is coming again, and there is nothing we can do to hurry it along. We can only get our lives in order.

I do not want to get into a theological argument, but He said we shall not know the day or hour; He did not say we would not know the month or year. He gave us many signs of His future (second) coming in Matthew 24. In His Revelation to John, He said, "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it . . ."

In Luke 20, Jesus was talking to the Pharisees about His FIRST Coming, which they failed to realize was immediately before them in the person of Jesus Christ Himself:

"The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed . . . For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst." Luke 20-21 NASB

Then in Luke 22 et seq., speaking to His disciples, Jesus addressed his future SECOND Coming:

And He said to the disciples, "The days WILL COME when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see it." Luke 22 NASB

Furthermore, most New Testament admonitions are addressed to us as individuals, not to nations. Therefore, �do unto others as you would have others do unto you� applies to you and me, not to the U.S. and Israel (not to say that it may not also be wise public policy in most instances).

John Wood


May 18, 2008

California Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage


This letter is in response to the articles concerning the California Supreme Court ruling to overturn the gay marriage ban.  Although I am a heterosexual male, I would like to comment on this so-called "controversial" issue.

According to societal standards, a homosexual person is one who is sexually attracted to others of the same sex.  Except for a genetic variation of nature, they are virtually identical to their heterosexual counter parts.  They feel the very same kind of attraction to the same sex as heterosexuals feel about the opposite sex.  Now, granted, there are those people who freely choose this behavior as a form of "life style" but that accounts for a very small population of homosexuals.  In fact, if one is not genetically predisposed for this behavior then by definition they are not truly homosexual but rather some deviant variation of perverted behavior.  Some would argue that the Bible condemns homosexuality but I believe (through the persistence of science) this behavior will be proven to result from natural genetic variation.  One can draw on the example of retarded people {no offense intended} who by no action of their own are born comparatively slow or deficient in mental, physical, or emotional growth.  Homosexual people are therefore entitled to engage in sexual behavior consistent with their genetic makeup so long as it is between consenting adults.  To deny them this right would be the same as denying heterosexuals their right to consensual sex.  Some would argue that sexuality is strictly for the purpose of reproduction but yet the animal kingdom has many variations of species who also cannot reproduce.  Human beings are sexual beings as was intended by their creator and to suggest that a genetic variation of nature somehow makes homosexuals less human is indeed an inhuman concept.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, Ohio


May 16, 2008

Re: The �pro-family� ruse and other Christianist machinations


Contrary to Mr. Seesholtz's hysteria ("The pro-family ruse"), no one in Michigan has lost any benefit, and in fact -- because of broader benefits eligibility criteria implemented by public employers to comply with the state marriage amendment -- more people, not fewer, are now eligible for coverage under govt employees' healthcare plans than were before the amendment.

Gary Glenn 


May 14, 2008

Peter Morici


This guy is a shill for the Feds and a bourgeois apologist. He acts as though he doesn't know these statistics from the Labor Dept. have been cooked. And he calls the shit he writes an "analysis." This garbage does not belong on any progressive website.

This fool had an article reprinted in my local newspaper a few weeks ago, The Providence Journal. If he was picked-up by that rag, what does that tell you about what he is putting out.

He has also been printed on Counterpunch, among others. I can't understand why. He is so misleading.

John St Lawrence
Johnston, RI


May 12, 2008

Re: Perhaps 60 percent of today�s oil price is pure speculation


Super article!

Vern & Dianne Downey


May 8, 2008

John Hagee


John Hagee is also a bigot based on what he said recently about Catholics, the Catholic Church, and the Pope. When John McCain was questioned about this after Hagee endorsed him, the Senator from Arizona refused to distance himself from the good preacher. It is for this reason that I will not cast my vote for McCain in the November election even though I voted Republican in the past.

Furthermore, Hagee claims to be a Christian but at the same time insists Christ was not divine. Perhaps the man is a false prophet that Christ warned about in the New Testament.

Mike Reisch


May 7, 2008

John Hagee


You forgot to mention Hagee�s money scandal, taking over $1 million $$$ annually from his ministries for personal gain:



May 7, 2008

What is the truth?


I just read the article about John Hagee ad one of his quotes is, "those who live by the Koran have a scriptural mandate to kill Christians and Jews"). . . . Is this truly mandated by the Koran? 

How is this different than Christians striking Iran first?

Both gods are into violence, then.  Any wonder WHY more and more people want nothing to do with a God of violence?  Religion is another way of twisting minds and making people do things they would not normally do. As I get older, I am freeing myself from the shackles of worshiping at the feet of governments and gods.  Shame on this gluttonous zealot for spewing his hate via all those stations.  All those mindless people throwing money at a preacher, it's no wonder politicians jump on the bandwagon. . . . ..supporting him in a speech guarantees the sheep will support you in the voting booth!  Masterful!



Apr 25, 2008

Re: What the Iraq war is about

Dear Mr. Roberts,

Everything of yours I've read, I like. And a belated thanks for those, too.

But this is just superb. I think you nailed it. It's like you cut through the whole horrible mess to reveal the essential, awful truth. Your few, calm words say it all and are devastating.

I'm emailing the links to my contacts. I'm sure the progressives will appreciate it, and I hope the conservatives will find it compelling.

So thank you, thank you; and please continue. And thanks to Global Research and Online Journal.

Merlin Montgomery
Olympia, WA

PS: If you originated using quagmire as a verb ("The Bush Regime has quagmired America . . ."), you deserve a prize for that alone. Somebody should put it on T shirts.


Apr 25, 2008

Carter & Hamas


Many Americans who do not support their own administration in some matters do support Israel because it is a democracy and we identify with the Israelis, who are like us. Mr. Carter is a PAST President, although he seems to have a difficult time thinking of himself as such. He should not be making foreign policy, certainly not consorting with HAMAS, which his government calls "a terrorist organization," and which, indeed ,behaves like a terrorist organization. Mr Carter, who could not successfully rescue Americans seized from our embassy in Iran when he was President, represented only himself in his consultations with HAMAS, not the people of the United States or its government.

Grace Leach-Urrows


Apr 24, 2008

Thank you, President Carter

Mr. President:

I appreciate all you do in furthering the peace effort.  After reading your book: "Palastine, Peace Not Apartheid"  I understand why you are so hated. It is because you have exposed the propaganda that made it seem like it was all the fault of Palestinians.



Apr 22, 2008

Thank you


I just finished reading "Is the CIA behind the China-bashing Olympics protests?" and while I will need to read further, it was enlightening. Thanks for having it up to share!

Don Eglinski


Apr 21, 2008

Re: Did the Secret Service set up Barack Obama for assassination?


Have you lost your mind  What a bunch of rubbish!!!

Mike Heenan


Apr 12, 2008

The CIA and the anti-China protest


In his article, "Is the CIA behind the China-bashing Olympics protests?" (April 11, 2008), Larry Chin suggests that yes, they are.

As an American, I view the CIA's legendary incompetence with a mixture of pride and dismay -- pride because my society is too open and democratic to be truly good at spying and dirty dealings, dismay because occasionally even those dark arts come in handy.

But if Mr. Chin is right, and the anti-China protests are indeed being organized by the CIA, then I am extremely proud that, for once, our intelligence agency has done something good and done it well. China richly deserves all the criticism it gets for its imperialism, tacit support of genocide, and brutalization of poor Chinese peasants. Organizing grassroots protests against such a powerful evil is a much better use of the CIA's time and money than trying to assassinate Fidel Castro with an exploding seashell.

Noah Smith


Apr 9, 2008

Re: America at a critical turning point


It would be difficult to disagree that a crisis approaches us. I totally disagree that Obama is better than McCain. They are both crap. Neither one is better than the other and it does not make a dime's worth of difference which one is elected. The same applies to Senator Hillary.

If you cannot see that we have no real choice except to vote for a write in candidate then you are among those who will help to destroy any possibility of reviving what once was the United States of America: a confederation of fully sovereign states which gave to the US federal government certain limited rights to act on behalf of those sovereign states.

Mike Tedesco


Apr 9, 2008

Re: John McCain's "heroism" in the proper context



I have little if any sympathy for John McCain and I don't belief I am less humane for that. McCain, in a 1997 interview with 60 Minutes said, " I am a war criminal. I have killed innocent women and children". How many is anyone's guess. Any suffering McCain has experience due to his capture is on his own making. It's called "karma".

Jerry Giacomo


Apr 9, 2008

Re: America at a critical turning point

Mr. Payne:

Your suggested solutions, to the mentioned problems, is far from connected to the reality of the issues. You solution does not address the systemic source of the problem. In essence, it is a Band Aid placed upon a gunshot wound that is spurting blood. The reason that we are here, today, is that there are too many Band Aid solutions placed upon mortal wounds to our country.

The system is rotten to the core -- to the core!

Richard Storey


Apr 8, 2008

Re: McCan't


Not only eloquent, but true!

To put it eloquently, John McChicanery sucks.

Even some diehard "Repugnikans" are seeing the truth!

jeff zervas


Apr 2, 2008

Mukasey lies


You know, there is another -- more probable and plausible, if less palatable -- explanation for Mukasey's recent "misspeak" on a pre-9/11 intercept.

Mukasey wasn't there at the time, thus his current "knowledge" of that event could only have come to him from the Administration "insiders" who were. That's the more probable and plausible. The less palatable is that he seemed actually to believe it! And because of that missed intercept, 3000 did not go home that night.

Perhaps someone could suggest to the Attorney General that he might benefit from a visit with former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Sam Woolsey


Apr 1, 2008

Re: Knocking down false gods

Editor and Mr. Morici:

Why are we throwing away over 200 years of this nations legacy of escaping overseas rule because of greedy CEOs and the capitalists who back them. I believe we are throwing away are super power status with both hands, and in doing so, we have been decreasing our standard of living closer and closer to that of a third world's just to supply a money train to a chosen few.?

I have always been a big buy American fan (support Roger Simmermaker's book and site) and I would always repeat "How long will it be before we will not be able to celebrate our beloved July 4th holiday?" or "if free trade was so good for us than how come we went from union wage and benefits paying G.M. as this nation's largest employer to non-union low wage benefits skirting Wal-Mart?" or "Are we a market or a nation?"

There are SO many others issues of about this misguided utopia mindset of a "global" world that Americans forget, such as wasting millions of gallons of fossil fuel and increasing acid rain just to tanker those cheaper goods to our soil. Or how about importing the Longhorned Beetles and Emerald Ash Borers from China that are decimating the trees in the Midwest and costing the states billions? Better yet, the thought of our trading "friends" like, China, Korea and Japan torturing and consuming dogs, cats and horses as we supply their coffers and try to stop animal abuse here at the same time. As far as Japan goes, all one needs to do is read "Unjust Enrichment" subtitled -How Japan's Companies Built Postwar Fortunes Using American POWS" by Linda Goetz Holmes to understand holding hands and singing Kum-Buy-Ya is not going to change other nation's thousand year old cultures simply because we ask them to do so.

My father served on 3 submarines in WWII and his father was deaf in one ear being a machine gunner during WWI to defend all of our ancestor's sacrifices and accomplishments. It's about time we ditch this "penny wise and pound foolish" buying mentality of saving a few bucks by importing at the cost of our sovereignty. The founders of this great nation must be rolling over in their graves because of the snot-nosed self serving politicians we have running it today.

Thanks again for your candid words. I am forwarding your excellent article. I was recently interviewed by a cable station writer to whom I

spoke these same words to. It's nice to know that there are those who are in agreement, especially those that can reach the masses.


Barbara Toncheff
Chagrin Falls, Oh
Suburb of now the now rust-belt city Cleveland


Mar 28, 2008

Improper accounting practices and risky loans


Mar 28, 2008

Improper accounting practices & risky loans


According to the article: "senior management at the Irvine, Calif.-based lender failed to take appropriate steps to manage rising risks caused by the company's aggressive approach to originating loans, often to borrowers who couldn't afford them" and further "New Century had a brazen obsession with increasing loan originations, without due regard to the risks associated with that business strategy."

Until recently I was an underwriter for a sub-prime mortgage company that is about to close. It seems that most media outlets and government officials fain ignorance about the real underlying cause of the problem. There is either a tendency to blame the borrower or act as though no one in the industry {or outside of it} saw this coming. They fail to mention that those who gained the most financially got off scot free while leaving the mess behind for everyone else to clean up. In my former company, the sales managers and loan officers "held the keys to the safe" while deciding which guidelines to ignore sometimes going so far as to bribe fellow underwriters to "look the other way". Sales managers often overrode an underwriter's decision they did not agree with. Other times fellow underwriters would be threatened with their job for "impeding company growth and progress" just because they refused to go along with the flagrant disregard of guidelines . I complained to the sales managers about the bribing but all I got was a formal write-up for making "inappropriate comments".

There was absolutely no support from the owner of the company all the way to the human resource representative. This company is as corrupt as they come. I can't tell you the number of sexual affairs that occurred between married and unmarried people; primarily among the management staff {at the workplace itself}. Promotions were strictly political thus moving people "up the ladder" who never proved themselves worthy or were on a final written warning to be terminated {for poor performance}. As a result of the corrupt management of this company, I and several hundred others were laid off. I believe the federal government needs to investigate this company and bring to trial those corrupt individuals who broke the law. This would set an example for the rest of the mortgage industry that absolute corruption corrupts absolutely.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, Ohio


Mar 27, 2008

Re: Learning to listen: Cultural perspectives on Rev. Wright


This is long winded goblygook! Obama went to this church for a long time and the pastor preaches anger and hate tastefuly.

Thats ok you know that�s why americans go to church to get that good feeling on Sunday.

Thomas G. Batson


Mar 27, 2008

Rev. Wright


I get this spin and the angle you�re coming from but if doesn�t make it right. Sure they have a lot to be angry for, but so do the Jews as well as Native American Indians. Why is it that African-Americans still feel like they are owed something? My generation wasn�t there, my father wasn�t there and yet today there are still those who feel like we owe them something. I get angry when I hear that, because in every civilization there were those who were dealt a bad hand. It happens to all kinds, but African Americans are the ones with their hands out? I am not buying it.

Kevin Scoggins


Mar 26, 2008

Rush Limbaugh


Why not cancel the election and just allow Rush Limbaugh to appoint the President?  Where's the outrage?

Carl Miller


Mar 18, 2008

Re: Bush isn�t a moron, he�s a cunning sociopath


I found your article about Bush being a sociopath and I 100% concur with your diagnosis.

Cheney is too.

They both have shown a HUGE lack of empathy for people they don't know . . . and both are mass murderers and terrorists who have no restraint when it comes to a Power

(or money) grab.

And I have never hurt an animal in my Life . . . but Bush was blowing up frogs with firecrackers and he took Joy in BRANDING someone's arse with a red hot POKER.

I could NEVER brand someone like that (but that branding is the least of what "W" did)

And I miss the Twin Towers.

Thank you for your braveness and honesty as you clearly defined George W. Bush for what he is: A cunning sociopath

Stu Gibson

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