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Special Reports Last Updated: Aug 28th, 2008 - 01:12:56

A new 9/11 clue
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Aug 27, 2008, 00:21

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Recently, an email drifted in about an article I wrote, What were the Mossad with fraudulent New Zealand Passports doing in Iraq?

The writer said, �I�ve known about this for some time -- that the Mossad was involved in murdering our troops in a variety of methods to keep them there so we could �finish� the job by destroying Syria and Iran. For years now I�ve suspected and now know for sure the Mossad had a lot to do with the 9/11 attack on the WTC. The attached mp3 is a recording of NYPD radio transmissions on 9/11. Listen from the 3-minute mark almost to the end. This was never reported in the media.�

The recording is titled, �The WTC-10-5-the-message-about-the-remote-controlled-plane.� In the m�lange of scratchy voices bumping each other off and on, around minute three, the words �remote controlled-plane� bump through clearly, are interrupted, and finally assert quite clearly again that �there�s a big truck on King Street with the mural of an airplane painted on it diving into New York City and exploding.� It was later noted �King Street between 6th and 7th Avenues,� about a mile north of WTC, which was in direct line of sight from King St. and 6th Avenue.

What�s more as the NYPD stopped for a look at the truck, two men were seen fleeing from it and were apprehended by the police. To the writer�s knowledge and mine, no one ever reported this bizarre event. When I wrote back, questioning if he knew anything more about the two men, or how did the police know it was a �remote-controlled� airplane painted on the big truck,� he wrote back . . .

�Unfortunately, I don�t know any more details about the King St. incident, but the radio transmissions don�t lie. When you consider the story of the five dancing Israelis and the truck loaded with explosives caught near the GW bridge, it becomes obvious that this incident was also covered up. By the way, these were police, not firemen who caught these two suspects, in my estimation.

<>�Earlier in the transmissions you could hear them speak of ATF agents, sergeant and inspector so and so, and the fact that they requested the Bomb Squad and ESU (Emergency Services Unit) to the scene. It appears that two officers became suspicious of a truck because it was painted with �a plane diving into New York City and exploding.� It must have been apparent to the officers that this plane was of a remote-controlled type which may also be a clue into how this false flag operation was pulled off. 

�These captured Israeli Mossad agents [referring to the Five Dancing Israelis which I wrote about it in Happy 2001] had training in electronic intercept, military intelligence and explosive ordinance units.�

The four explosive Fox Reports

The writer also submitted this link, which contains a four-part series of reports done uncharacteristically by the right-wing Rupert Murdoch�s Fox News on Israel spying on America before and after September 11, 2001. The reports appeared mid-August 2006, just about two years ago. The videos at some point vanished from the Internet with �This story no longer exists.� So I suggest you watch them now, about five minutes each, each a mind-blower . . .

The reports include the famous or infamous Israeli-owned Amdocs Ltd., reported by Fox to be spying for Israel through the telecommunication products it sells and systems and services it operates and offers. Its products are widely used by the US telecommunications industry and government agencies like the NSA and DEA, to mention a few. Amdocs, in fact, stores every phone message or request for information made. Comverse Infosys (also an Israeli company) is one of the companies partnered officially with Amdocs Ltd. in June 2002 that offer CALEA spying services to US ISPs and wireless providers through the use of Verint�s products.

Comverse is alleged to have built a �back door� into the equipment permanently installed into the phone system, which permits instant eavesdropping by law enforcement on any phone in America. This was reported in�s article, �Is Israel Blackmailing America?

The article warns of the danger of permitting Israeli companies such sensitive access to the communications, law enforcement and political infrastructure, which in fact goes back many years. Amdocs was implicated in leaking police phone data in a major Los Angeles bust in 1997, involving Israeli mob drug-dealing of cocaine and ecstasy along with credit card fraud. Comverse �back-door� info-leaks to Israeli criminals resulted in the collapse of the case.

Bottom line, Israel, posing as a friend, has been spying on our most sensitive data, and using it against us when it suits its needs. This is above and beyond operatives like Jonathan Pollard or even the �small networks� like the 140 Israelis arrested by the FBI before 9/11, or the 60 arrested since, including our Jersey pals, the Five Dancing Israelis, subsequently freed by the FBI to return to Israel. These fellows were cheering the falling Towers, flickering cigarette lighters, and video-taping themselves for the folks back home.

Israel has been listening to every phone in America for years and has the technology to monitor and record who any individual is calling, anywhere in America. It subcontracts billing and directory services for phone companies around the world, with 90 percent of American phone companies as clients. But Amdocs is 100 percent Israeli owned. Read the full linked story and listen to the linked Fox videos, and wonder if this tiny nation doesn�t fill the bill to a T as a major conspirator in the 9/11 tragedy, with the Arabs coming off as mere patsies. The kicker is that even the NSA and FBI have complained about Israel�s spying power on them for years with no noticeable result.

Despite all revelations, including the Fox reports, what has come of it all, and the nearly $5 billion in military aid we keep giving Israel? If we seriously consider who profited from 9/11, Israel walks away with the unloving cup hands down. And it still goes to this day, including their arming and militarily advising the Georgians (along with the USA) in their idiotic but brutal attack on South Ossetia. No dirty job is too low for them, so long as they are profiting, feeling more protected, and having gotten a leg up on the US, which seems to be too dumb to know what�s going or how to do its own dirty work or infrastructure building.

If this isn�t the self-fulfilling prophecy for another boot in the Zionist rear, I don�t know what is, short of total nuclear conflagration on the rest of the world if Israel is threatened. Thus, Israel�s modus operandi amounts not just to blackmail but terrorism as well. Are you listening Mr. Chertoff, Czar of Homeland Security? Ah, but then you�re a dual Israeli/American citizen, too. What a coincidence.

Jerry Mazza is a free-lance writer living in New York City. Reach him at Look for his new book, �State Of Shock � Poems from 9/11 on� at

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