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Elections & Voting Last Updated: Aug 22nd, 2008 - 00:59:43

Rove intimidating Republicans into silence
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Aug 22, 2008, 00:13

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(WMR) -- Buoyed by an ineffective House Judiciary Committee under the control of gatekeeping staffers working for committee Chairman John Conyers, Karl Rove has effectively curtailed any effective investigation of past election fraud, including the 2004 presidential election, as a result of threats and intimidations directed against potential Republican Party witnesses.

WMR has learned from informed sources in Ohio and Alabama, that Rove is concerned that a huge GOP technical election �flipping� operation will be revealed that will result in a series of prosecutions and at least one impeachment of a federal judge, a political ally of Rove.

Rove, according to our sources, has threatened Republican Party official Mike Connell and his wife Heather if Connell testifies about GOP computerized vote-rigging. Connell has been a top technical wizard for Republican web-based campaign operations, including the firms GovTech Solutions and New Media Communications. WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources in Ohio that Connell and GOP cyber-security expert Stephen Spoonamore were approached by the White House to delete �smoking gun� emails from the White House system that revealed a conspiracy by the Bush administration to fire several U.S. attorneys after the 2004 election. Spoonamore, a GOP supporter of John McCain and CEO of the computer security firm Cybrinth, has confirmed that Rove and the White House conspired to rob 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry of Ohio, thus ensuring George W. Bush�s �re-election.� According to our Ohio sources, Spoonamore directed attention to 12 Ohio counties where Kerry received fewer votes than down-ticket Democratic candidates.

WMR has also learned that in the extremely close 2000 election between Bush and Al Gore, the use of faulty punch cards ensured Bush�s election. The punch card problems ensured states would opt for the similarly-flawed touch screen voting systems, which were used to commit fraud in state and federal elections in 2002, especially in the Alabama gubernatorial race; and 2004.

Spoonamore has revealed that Diebold voting machines were �designed for fraud� and that this editor�s revelations that elements of �The Fellowship,� including the Rapp family that owns the election machine firm Triad GSI of Ohio, were instrumental in illegally engineering the 2004 election for Bush.

WMR has also learned of the presence of a GOP �boiler shop� in Enterprise, Alabama, that effectively oversaw the fraudulent vote recording and tabulation around the nation in 2000, 2002, and 2004. WMR has learned that this same operation is poised to commit the same type of election fraud this year in order to ensure the election of John McCain as president.

Conyers� staff, WMR is told, is not at all interested in hearing the testimony of GOP whistleblowers in the repeated cases of election fraud. Conyers� chief gatekeepers include House Judiciary Committee senior counsel Keenan Keller and Conyers� chief investigator Elliot Mintzberg. Another GOP whistleblower, Alabama attorney Dana Jill Simpson, has testified before Conyers� staff but little has been done to investigate senior Bush administration officials, including Rove, for the political prosecution of Alabama�s former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman, denied re-election in 2002 because of the election fraud committed by the Republicans and Rove, information that Spoonamore and Connell have offered to Conyers without even so much as a whimper in response from the chairman and his committee staff.

The multiple confirmations that Enterprise, Alabama is the major home of the GOP election engineering operation is significant. Enterprise is the home of US Judge for the Middle District of Alabama Mark Fuller, the judge who tried and sentenced Siegelman to prison amid charges of a political prosecution and judicial malfeasance. Fuller was an assistant district attorney in Enterprise while serving as a partner with the law firm of Cassady, Fuller & Marsh. He also served as CEO of Doss Aviation while assistant district attorney and later as district attorney for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Alabama.

In an egregious example of an impeachable conflict-of-interest, Fuller serves on the federal bench while raking in millions of dollars in government contracts through his Doss Aviation firm. One of Doss� contracts is to refuel Air Force One, President George W. Bush�s plane.

On September 10, 2007, WMR reported Fuller�s interest in the company Oceaneering International, a firm associated with George H. W. Bush and covert CIA operations. The nexus of Oceaneering and a GOP election engineering boiler shop in Fuller�s hometown of Enterprise is more than coincidental. On September 14, 2007, WMR reported that �Fuller, the federal judge who sentenced Siegelman to over seven years in prison, listed Oceaneering, Incorporated on his financial disclosure form as a firm for which he had a vested interest. Oceaneering, prime Navy contractor used for salvaging ships and aircraft like Korean Air Lines 007 and the space shuttle Challenger, has one interesting past connection: a firm known as Zapata Offshore. It was the George H. W. Bush CIA proprietary firm that provided naval support for the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.� On August 21, 2005, WMR reported on the connection between Bush off-shore money tranches and the buying of the 2004 election: �Bin Laden and Bush money are held in some of the same financial tranches in Switzerland, the Isle of Man, and the Bahamas (see following story). The Bush family off-shore money tranches originated with gold bars and jewels spirited out of the Philippines upon the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. The Marcos fortune was the price exacted by Vice President Bush for his being granted asylum in Hawaii. The gold bars were transported from the Philippines to the International Diamond Exchange Vaults near Rockefeller Center. A CIA proprietary firm called Oceaneering International of Houston procured barges to move some of the gold from secured warehouses to a specially-configured Boeing 747 which then flew the cargo to New York. Oceaneering sealifted the remaining gold to Oregon. After George W. Bush�s victory in 2000, the last of the gold and jewels stored in New York was moved to UBS Bank in Zurich. Marcos and Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi set about to create Five Star Trust in 1983 as a means to create a vehicle to use the Philippine wealth to create and funnel fungible assets abroad. In 1989, Five Star Trust was officially established in the Isle of Man by a Houston-based attorney who was a close friend of the Bush family.� Also, on August 21, 2005, WMR reported: �French law enforcement authorities who are investigating a major international fraud scheme involving bribes paid to Nigerian officials by Halliburton�s Kellogg, Brown and Root subsidiary (while Dick Cheney was President and CEO) and its TSKJ business partners in return for a Nigerian liquefied natural gas contract, have confirmed that Five Star Trust, an off-shore entity with a presence in the Bahamas and the Isle of Man, and which is linked to the Bush family, is the subject of a major international criminal investigation. The scandal, known as the Technip Affair in France, involves French, American, British, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese criminal investigations, As reported by the editor after the 2004 election, Five Star Trust funds were moved illegally into the United States from Nigeria and other off-shore locations through the use of counterfeit �markers� used to secretly transfer large sums of money outside normal (and surveilled) banking networks like SWIFT.� It was such a counterfeit marker, a money order from Canada�s Laurentian Bank, that was used to entice programmers to work on the 2004 election fraud. Republican election fraud headquarters, according to GOP sources, was and remains centered in Enterprise, Alabama, the home of Fuller, a principal of Oceaneering, the very same firm that moved Marcos� gold that would eventually end up in Five Star off-shore accounts.

And the intrigue does not end with Fuller and Bush. In the late 1980s, Oceaneering needed to come up with some capital. A New York financial investment manager named James Marquez steered investors into stocks of Oceaneering. He also pushed for Halliburton. Marquez happened to be a money manager for the Soros Fund, of global financial predator George Soros. Marquez and his partner Samuel Israel II would later establish the Bayou Management hedge fund. In December 2006, Marquez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud with Israel and was later sentenced to 51 months in prison. In June of this year Israel faked his own suicide in New York but turned himself in to federal law enforcement last month. Israel is serving a 20-year prison sentence for investment fraud.

Soros� network of �progressive� journalists swooped in on Alabama to cover the Siegelman prosecution. However, they practiced a vicious form of gatekeeping anytime the business activities of Fuller arose. It now is apparent why there was an attempt to hold the line on investigating the Siegelman prosecution in Alabama. A close look at Fuller and Oceaneering reveals the early investment of Soros money into Fuller�s company Oceaneering. And for someone like Soros, who likens himself as a modern-day Robin Hood, doling out funds to progressive movements from Wall Street coffers, the reason for his �interest� in �progressive� journalism becomes readily apparent. In reality, Soros is nothing more than a modern-day Howard Hughes, up to his eyeballs in dubious business deals with those he professes to loathe.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

Copyright � 2008

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required).

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