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Commentary Last Updated: Sep 3rd, 2007 - 01:16:16

Toilet tyranny
By David Rubinson
Online Journal Guest Writer

Sep 3, 2007, 01:14

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What exactly is wrong with a man going into a men's room looking for anonymous sex?

Why is it illegal?

Who cares?

Egregious crimes have been committed by uncountable numbers of our high elected officials that have resulted in the death, dismemberment, immolation, starvation and poisoning of millions of people, and so far not ONE of them has spent a minute behind bars. Few have even lost their jobs.

But one guy goes for a quick weenie wank and from our duly elected representatives and the pimp media erupts a deafening ubiquitous self-righteous roar.

What's most frightening about the Larry Craig debacle is not about getting hit on in the crapper, it's that there are actually POLICE hiding in toilets everywhere, waiting to bust us.

Think about it -- next time you go pee in a public restroom. My advice is to hold it 'til ya get home. Not worth the risk.

Odds are there's a cop in there, hanging out (!) -- just waiting to slam the cuffs on some poor slob -- like us.

This country's Gestapo doesn't stop at snooping on emails or eavesdropping telephone calls, or spy video cams.

Read the transcript of the Craig bust from June 2007.

What scares ya?

That Craig might have been looking for some?

What's the big deal?

Here's what scares me.

That every goddamn place we go, there's a cop, or a camera.

That under the lie of some loonie War of Terror, we are being surveilled and spied upon, literally everywhere.

And, get this straight -- this means YOU. And they want you to KNOW it.

Especially if you are UnWhite.

Here is a section from the transcript of the interrogation after the bust.

The Cop says: "I just, I just, I guess, I guess I'm gonna say I'm just disappointed in you sir. I'm just really am. I expect this from the guy that we get out of the hood. I mean, people vote for you."

Did ya get that?

"I EXPECT this from a guy . . . out of the HOOD"

What? whatwhatwhat?

The COP says he EXPECTS this from an UNWHITE person, but not from a nice white guy, a SENATOR forchrissakes.


I have heard not one word about this from anywhere. Sharpton? Are you awake?

The Press is positively enthralled with Craig's sexuality, but not one peep about a cop blatantly and publicly proclaiming his fundamental racial prejudice, proud of his pattern of racial profiling.

As for his fellow senators, do you think they would be treating Craig like Typhoid Tom if this wasn't about faggots?

Men are supposed to fuck WOmen, hookers, young girls, their secretaries, other senator's wives -- whatever. That's all fine.

Senator David Vitter and who knows how many others admit to seeing the DC Madam and her stable. Hey thass OK. Its just Men being Men.

There's a littttle Strom Thurmond in alla us boys, ya know.

Har Har.

But Craig -- uh oh. A faggot. Mark Foley redux.

String him up. We gotta show America what we do to Faggots around here.

Ya do what Tucker Carlson says (on National TV, to great applause) he did -- ya go back with a few testosterone poisoned good ole boys, and kick the faggot's ass.

Har har har.

Now I think they got the right man, but for the wrong things.

I don't care who Craig licks, or where. I don't care where he sticks any part of himself, or how.

That's up to him and the consenting adult lickorstickee.

I do care that Craig was a war-mongering racist hypocrite, who has the blood of thousands on his hands.

A man who rushed to vote for the very spying that bit him.

He deserved to be outed as a murderer, a snoop, a gay bashing homophobe, a willing and enthusiastic reactionary bastard.

So, good that he's gone.

But not at this price.

Because we are next.

Right now, thousands -- hundreds of thousands -- of us are being arrested, and imprisoned by the I.C.E. for being Brown.

Right now, the president and his stooges have the power to name us as traitors and not only bust us, but imprison us as enemy combatants.

And not just bust us, and imprison us, but take away everything we own.

Just because they think or have reason to believe us "to have committed, or to pose a significant risk of committing" various acts, in their SOLE judgment.

So, do you see?

Do you see that we are all walking into the toilet, every day?

And that we are all subject to the whims of millions of cops who are just sitting there, hiding, waiting for us to drop our drawers?

Let down our guard for an instant?

Craig was one of Them. But he was one of Us as well.

And ya better believe it.

You're next.

In his previous life, David Rubinson was a music producer for records and films, producing artists as varied as Santana, Herbie Hancock, The Pointer Sisters and Moby Grape, and the music for Coppola's Apocalypse Now. His award-winning film "Sugihara Conspiracy of Kindness" has been a fixture on PBS, and he just got off the road with Cindy Sheehan on her Journey for Humanity tour, and is helping her defeat Nancy Pelosi. You can subscribe to DRANT by emailing

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