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Commentary Last Updated: May 30th, 2007 - 00:39:17

Reform, resistance and revolution
By Dr. June Scorza Terpstra
Online Journal Contributing Writer

May 30, 2007, 00:18

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I invite all allies to act now to stop the war and end imperialism. Many of us have been discussing and organizing online and offline for a long time.

When the second invasion of Iraq began I held educational meetings at my home and the homes of friends just to get the word out about the lies that are now exposed. Have any of these education efforts helped? Some have helped. The support for the war in this country is at an all-time low.

However, this makes no difference to the real power behind the governmental thrones -- the bankers, the oil mongers and the bomb makers and their media outlets. These guys and their subsidiary armies are making trillions in profits from their terror wars. Their subsidiaries include the prison and police industries here in the USA -- one of the biggest and few growth industries left in the country.

We must stop collaborating with the invader occupiers by denying the depth of the deceptions simultaneously sown by the government, media and academies. If we, the people kick the oppressor out over here the people of the Middle East could would kick the invader and collaborators out over there!

The educational site of struggle is primary. Some of us who have been studying may be wearying of the information about what is happening but repetition and mirroring are critical to the educational process. By telling the truths of the people�s oppression there and connecting these truths to the people�s oppression here, we become a people who resist the lies.

Many accuse me of preaching to the choir, yet the programming here in the USA is so intense that without hearing and being inspired and confirmed by realities of the war and against the lies is a daily site of struggle. We need the choir to inspire and remind us over and again that we are not insane and alone in our understanding of the world. In fact, where are those new resistance songs, arts and letters we need?

Liberals in general have recommended a polite or inviting education about the truth of imperialism to convince the American public that they should not support the war machine. They urge a more inviting educational style than my usual one. Yet, I would defend all educational styles including the �hit em over the head with the truth� style. I know the power of the �frontal attack� educational model and the impact it had on my own thinking and understanding of imperialism and oppression. What I�m saying here is that which offends and is viewed as so �extreme� may be just the thing that moves people. Of course, what people in the USA think is extreme may be that which the rest of the world already knows because they have been invaded and occupied by the imperialists for centuries. They know that the �lifestyle� of the USA and Europe is off the backs and lands of the people. At times the informative voice in the USA may sound extreme because the programming is so dense with lies.

This brings me to my topic of reform, resistance and revolution. Many people in the USA are involved in reform efforts and still believe the system can be fixed. Those who know me know I no longer believe in reform. I will support any and all effort towards fundamental change as long as those efforts are not sponsored by the CIA complex. A third political party that unites liberals and moderates on the issues would be the most practical solution now for reform efforts. The Democrats and Republicans are bought and paid for. A third party in the USA could emerge by using local organizing and the Internet to push a campaign forward. However, it will take more than tired ass old Ralph Nadar to be the front man. The Green Party is probably most viable in this regard. Yet, they too are walking the sell out line for power in Europe and the USA.

A resistance movement (both above and underground) in the USA is being built from the ground up as we have seen the recent ground swell of immigrants rising up in this country. Resistance is fertile and can happen in a heart beat. Resistance can also fall apart in a heartbeat. Organization must come from below at the local levels which are networked nationally to existing groups. There are organizations in the USA that are anti-imperialist and anti-fascist working to stop the war and end imperialism above ground in this country. Those interested in building a resistance underground must do that offline all the time. The Che and Chavez approach could work here with the people so as to claim this land is your land for the first time in solidarity across race with an emphasis on the poor, the working class and the declining middle class. Resistance will be effective when we are clear about our common goals, organization, and action plans as opposed to dictating ideology. By respecting each other�s ideologies and religions while agreeing on common goals and taking action, instead of holding endless meetings, the resistance could be fertile and grow! The time has definitely come today.

Presently, both in Iraq and in the USA revolutionary movements and revolutionaries must employ all means necessary as the evil greedy elite and their hand job governments and media will not stop their killing, torture and plunder as history shows. Although revolutionaries in the USA must support anti-imperialist resistance movements in Iraq and around the world, the emphasis must be here in the USA. If we can stop the war machine and imperialism here that will give folks around the world a stronger force of resistance there. But be advised, the people of the world will do it with or without the support of anti-imperialists in the USA. The people of those countries know better than anyone in the USA what they must do to kick out the invader-occupier and his collaborators. Revolutionary work is also above ground and underground, it is overt and covert, subversive and willing to work outside the box, including this Internet box. Clearly a networked solidarity on these efforts must be forth coming on all fronts.

The actual steps to organizing can be found in many places, from theoretical texts, manuals on guerilla and urban warfare to activist organizing models and anarchist action strategies. Start by organizing a small group in any of the above categories. Be clear in the aims and goals and with other groups with which to hook up for actions sponsored locally and nationally. Practice what you preach every day. Be smart, treat each other with dignity and respect but know that with all success comes infiltration so be mindful and watchful. Know and understand the risks so the consequences come as no surprise.

The major sites for reform, revolution and resistance are these: economic systems and institutions, the military and police techno-complex, the government, the media and arts, educational institutions, agri-businesses and food production sites, religious institutions and educational institutions. Many of us work in these systems, change takes action.

All of us can take more risks to speak out and educate ourselves and each other more rigorously. Many of us have people right in our families and work places who are ignorant. Give them the information in as many ways possible. The repetition and mirroring of conformity has worked us over to make us as stupid as we have been in the USA. We must employ real education to deprogram ourselves, our families and friends while simultaneously inspiring our communities and ending our isolation. Ending the war and ending imperialism is possible, the question is what will we actually do to make it happen?

Dr. June Scorza Terpstra is on the faculty of Northeastern Illinois University. Her website is

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