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Commentary Last Updated: Apr 26th, 2007 - 00:41:55

Pat Tillman family, Jessica Lynch blow open Bush administration war deceit
By Larry Chin
Online Journal Associate Editor

Apr 26, 2007, 00:40

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The searing congressional testimonies from the family of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch may sound the long overdue death knell for mainstream American public support for the Bush administration and its criminal war.

Tuesday, one unwilling and outraged war poster child and the agonized family members of the other stood before Congress, looked the Bush administration in the eye, and said, �Enough.�

Kevin Tillman, who served with his brother, accused the Bush administration of intentional deceit.

The accounts of the Tillmans, Lynch, and their fellow soldiers lay bare the fact that the Bush administration engaged in an elaborate and deliberate criminal cover-up of Tillman�s fratricide, as well as Lynch�s ordeal, to deceive the American people.

In what can only described as post-facto rape, the administration hijacked the images of Tillman and Lynch for war propaganda, fabricated elaborate pro-war fantasies around both, and then flooded the media with these pro-Bush, pro-war falsehoods. The violation of Tillman will prove to be even more grotesque and appalling if investigations determine that Tillman�s disapproval of the war contributed in any way to his death.

An historic turning point has been reached. The American people who embraced the Pat Tillman/Jessica Lynch lie will �get� the Pat Tillman/Jessica Lynch truth, now that it has been honestly and heroically presented.

Now the tidal wave begins.

Piece by piece, the Bush administration�s criminal construct is finally being undone. The Bush administration, and its �war on terrorism� (in its present incarnation), will not recover from this mortal blow.

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