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Commentary Last Updated: Feb 21st, 2007 - 01:20:29

�Fighting them over there so we don�t have to fight them over here�
By Dr. June Scorza Terpstra
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Feb 21, 2007, 01:17

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The tired old slogan �We�re fighting them over there so we don�t have to fight them over here� is being parroted once again by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Just who are the �we� and who are �they�?

Are the �we� the military generals who need perpetual war to use up old war products and try out the new while making a profit for Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Honeywell and United Technologies?

Are the �we� Lockheed Martin, the biggest U.S. defense contractor who saw net profit jump 41 per cent to $830 million in the first six months of 2005?

Are �they� the brown people, who live on oil-rich land, whose religion is hated and for whom there is no care nor clue?

Are the �we� the bankers who are making billions from their favorite financial sport, which is war?

Are �they� the governments and people of oil-rich countries who want to control their own resources?

Are the �we� the Misinformation Complex agents and assets who spin filthy racist war propaganda, such as FOX TV or films such as The Islamic Mein Kampf?

Are �they� the jihadis who are coming around the corner in your neighborhood to take over your 7/11 store, your gas station, and your Pizza Hut?

Are the �we� the �embedded� journalist and the �embedded� academics whose grants on terrorism come straight from the government?

Are �they� the scholars and journalists from the Middle East and from all over the rest of the world who dare expose the lies of the academics and pundits here?

Are the �we� the young people who have no future to look forward to in a declining empire?

Are the �they� the women, children, and men of the Arab, Muslim, Native/Indigenous, African, Asiatic and Latin American worlds which are perpetually warred on?

Are �they� the university-educated women of Iraq who did not typically wear abayas or hijabs had free choice to cover or not to cover in Saddam�s day, while still embracing a culture valuing family, tradition and education?

Are the �we� the TV-numbed Bubba who says that he lives in the Land of the Free but he�ll murder anyone who disagrees with him?

Are �they� all those who do not want a materialist, dishonorable, greed-based, dumbed-down world in which to live and raise their children?

Dr. June Scorza Terpstra is on the faculty of Northeastern Illinois University. Her website is

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