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Commentary Last Updated: Jan 29th, 2007 - 11:39:03

An American shadow points to LBJ
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Jan 29, 2007, 01:08

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Last Tuesday, master CIA spy, Watergate mastermind, and Dealey Plaza attendee, E. Howard Hunt died at the age of 88. Anticipating the release of his final book in April, he pointed the finger of suspicion at the involvement of President Lyndon Johnson in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Included here is a link to side by side photos of Hunt from Watergate and the assassination days.

I found the Hunt article shortly after the publication of my article, America�s shadow, which concerned LBJ�s involvement in JFK�s demise. Then a bonanza of information arrived from a friend and reader that augmented my �shadow� piece.

Through a Google search of Hunt�s allegations, my friend came across a suppressed documentary from the History Channel. It was to be the final segment in the 2003 documentary series, �The Men Who Killed Kennedy.� This multi-hour set of factual reports was shown repeatedly around the time of the 40th anniversary of the assassination. But the last segment never was. It�s a one-hour blockbuster, here via YouTube right now, though it may be gone any minute. It develops in striking detail E. Howard Hunt�s theory of LBJ�s deep involvement.

The documentary uses elements of various assassination theories with a number of very credible witnesses. This includes testimony from the woman who claimed to have been Johnson�s former mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, as well as from one of LBJ�s former attorneys, Barr McClellan. If the name sounds familiar, he�s the father of George W. Bush�s former press secretary, Scott McClellan, and the Bush�s former Medicare and Medicaid chief, Dr. Mark McClellan.

In 2003, Barr McClellan published a book, Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K..

The documentary amazingly features the Parkland Memorial emergency room physician who was trying to save Oswald�s life (as well as JFK�s several days earlier), Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw (1933�2002). Dr. Crenshaw claimed LBJ directly interfered with his treatment of Oswald, whom he actually expected to live through his Ruby-inflicted wounds. Dr. Crenshaw also claimed JFK had two bullet wounds that hit from the front, not a �magic bullet� from the rear that went on to bounce around in Texas Governor John Connelly.

Conspirators rounded up in the documentary include LBJ, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Mafia boss Carlos Marcello, Texas oilmen Clint Murchison and H. L. Hunt, along with John Connally reputed to have �suckered Kennedy� into coming to Dallas, and Richard Nixon for reasons you can easily imagine, along with some other known figures tangentially involved.

If these allegations have any validity at all, the Republic fell to a right-wing coup d�etat 44 years ago and has not yet recovered, as I postulated in �America�s shadow.� In fact, the appearance of all this material now makes me feel that certain people want the story known, and also want known who is still in charge.

Other odd coincidences discovered

The documentary led my friend and reader to look into the circumstance of some other figures involved, particularly Bobby Baker. LBJ�s former top aide was purported to have been corrupt and sleazy. When LBJ was Senate majority leader, Baker was Johnson�s chief aide, and allegedly solicited and served as �paymaster� for various bribes.

Curiously, another person tangentially involved, former US Sen. George Smathers (D-Fla.) died on January 20. Hunt�s allegations about LBJ are interwoven with Sen. Smather�s situation in 1963.

Bizarrely, Mary Jo Kopechne of Chappaquiddick fame was a secretary to Sen. George Smathers in 1963. Her roommate at the time in the Washington area was Carole Tyler, who was a secretary of bad boy Bobby Baker, close associate of LBJ. You could say that at the time Bobby Baker was Vice President Johnson�s Scooter Libby.

But Baker was allegedly an all-around ne�er-do-well, particularly in association with casino interests in the Caribbean and military contractors. Since Baker is still alive, his stories are not yet fully told. Baker owned the house where Tyler and Kopechne were roommates, which he continued to use for hosting various parties while the girls lived there.

Later, Carole Tyler was said to be quite upset when Baker didn�t leave his wife to marry her -- and she unfortunately died in 1965 in the crash of small plane in Ocean City, Maryland, where Baker owned the Carousel Hotel, on the beach at 118th Street. Notably, in November, 1963, Baker made the cover of Life Magazine above a headline, �Bobby Baker�s Bombshell,� which told of a Department of Justice investigation into tax evasion and fraud in regards to the financing of the construction of the massive Carousel resort a year or two earlier.

Between these two 23-24-year-old party girls, it is alleged that a story was leaked to press acquaintances that JFK was going to dump LBJ as vice president in 1964, due to the incipient scandals associated with Bobby Baker that went far beyond the financing of the Carousel. JFK even hinted at this in a press conference not long before he died.

This was all part of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy�s effort to �flip� Baker to testify against LBJ and his corrupt Texas and US Senate cronies. The two women also leaked the allegation that JFK had offered the slot to Sen.Smathers. This fact was later confirmed by JFK�s personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln. Ms. Lincoln did say that JFK had also been considering offering the job to Gov. Terry Sanford of North Carolina.

Ms. Kopechne later went to work for Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, until he was assassinated in June 1968, a story unto itself. In December 1968, Ms. Kopechne went to work for a political consultancy firm in McLean, Va., founded by Matt Reese, who was a close political associate of JFK and RKF. In July 1969, Mary Jo drowned when a car in which she was riding, driven by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, which veered off that bridge in Chappaquiddick.

Returning to the documentary�s LBJ hypothesis

In any case, the suppressed History Channel documentary reports allegations that the assassination of JFK may have been committed through an unholy alliance of a number of groups. These include:

1) LBJ, who feared going to jail as a consequence of RFK�s investigations of his former aide, Bobby Baker, as well as those of his hatchet-men associates, Billie Sol Estes and Malcolm Wallace. Almost unbelievably, Wallace�s fingerprint was found with a rock-solid 34-point match on a cardboard box that partly enclosed the �sniper�s nest� on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas. Wallace, in the documentary, is a reputed LBJ hitman. His fingerprint-match was discovered in 1998 but the FBI subsequently suppressed the information, which had actually been advanced to them by the Dallas Police.

At the very least, Johnson would have been unceremoniously dumped from the 1964 Democratic ticket by JFK. Few historians dispute that point.

2) The purported conspirators also include Texas oilmen Clint Murchison and H.L. Hunt, who would have lost billions to JFK�s proposal to limit the 27.5 percent oil-depletion allowance, which was a scandalous tax giveaway to the oil industry. It was reduced to 22 percent in 1970 and completely abolished for large producers in 1975. These were the sleazy Texas oilmen portrayed in Oliver Stone�s other milestone movie, Nixon. In it, they plied politicians with prostitutes at Murchison�s fancy Hotel del Charro in La Jolla, Calif. Not too curiously, J. Edgar Hoover and his �constant companion,� FBI Associate Director Clyde Tolson regularly vacationed at the del Charro, all-expenses paid, as did New Orleans and Dallas mob boss Carlos Marcello.

3) Of course FBI Director Hoover feared being fired by RFK given the number of skeletons (and tutus) in his closet.

4) Then there were CIA operatives who feared JFK�s proposal to neuter the CIA�s operations branch. It�s reported that Kennedy was drawing up reorganization plans to return the CIA to its original Truman-era charter to be solely the coordinator of intelligence analysis; this was JFK�s long-term response to the illegal Bay of Pigs action, as well as the earlier (and successful) CIA efforts to sabotage Pres. Eisenhower�s dealings with Khrushchev with the U-2 incident.

5) Add to the list, Mafia/Cuban interests, who were upset over the Bay of Pigs fiasco and wanted their Havana casinos back. Plus, they felt betrayed by RFK and his aggressive prosecutions, particularly of Carlos Marcello, whom Kennedy was attempting to deport to Guatemala, which Marcello had falsely declared his country of birth. He was actually born to Sicilian parents in Tunis.

6) Include Military contracting concerns, who were upset with Kennedy�s October 1963 directive (NSAM 263 mentioned in my earlier article) to have all US troops out of Vietnam by 1965. JFK�s directive (also mentioned) was promptly reversed by LBJ in his NSAM 273, which immediately �augmented� the American forces in Vietnam in 1963 and greatly escalated the war after 1965.

Lawyer Barr McClellan is convinced that documentary records still exist in the files of LBJ�s lead personal attorney (and reputed �fixer�) in Austin, Ed Clark, founder of the law firm of Clark, Thomas & Winters, where McClellan had been a partner for five years but resigned in 1977 after an argument with attorney Clark. Apparently, Clark handled LBJ�s dirty work, which included his disputed 1948 Senate election and his dealings with RFK�s Justice Department.

My contributing friend warns that with E. Howard Hunt�s death in recent days, increased attention will be drawn to that YouTube posting of the HistoryChannel documentary. It is likely to be removed soon due to copyright concerns. The question is does copyright take precedence over public access to what could very well be the truth about the most important crime of the 20th century in America?

At the very least, the information from the documentary, which I have seen, confirms my earlier writing, and proves once again how pathetically incomplete the work of the Warren Commission was. My thanks to those involved in helping me to gather the information for this piece.

Links to other references

Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw's book (2001 revision of 1992 original, this one written with Oliver Stone and his investigators):Trauma Room One: The JFK Medical Coverup Exposed,_Jr.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living New York City. Reach him at

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