Bill Johnson, Alabama ex-politician, caught up in sperm donation scandal

Dec 14, 2011, 09:42 by R.E. Christian

A married man who ran for governor in Alabama as a conservative Christian acknowledges he donated sperm to lesbian couples in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald reported Sunday it learned of Bill Johnson's donations from an anonymous tip. Johnson has been living in New Zealand while managing Christchurch earthquake recovery efforts for the company Ceres Environmental.

Johnson told the newspaper he felt a strong urge to become a father after his wife, who has children from a previous relationship, became a grandmother. He said they cannot have children because she had a hysterectomy a decade ago.

He said he would like to be involved in the lives of the children he has fathered if their mothers wish.

Johnson, who the newspaper said moved to Christchurch without his wife, has donated sperm to a number of women, including some in lesbian relationships, the Herald said. Experts in New Zealand are concerned that he has exceeded guidelines for the number of donations, put in place partly to reduce the chances of children fathered by the same donor accidentally becoming involved in incestuous relationships.

After running unsuccessfully for governor of Alabama in 2009, Johnson went to work for Ceres. He also has part of earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

Source: UPI