Siri is pro-life?

Dec 2, 2011, 08:40 by R.E. Christian

The iPhone 4S digital assistant Siri can find a bar but can come up with no information on abortions or contraceptives, the American Civil Liberties Union said.

The ACLU launched an online petition this week asking people to send e-mails to Apple, saying "if Siri can tell us about Viagra, it should not provide bad or no information about contraceptives or abortion care. Send a message to Apple: Fix Siri," CNN reported.

In a blog post Wednesday, the ACLU said, "Although it isn't clear that Apple is intentionally trying to promote an anti-choice agenda, it is distressing that Siri can point you to Viagra, but not the Pill, or help you find an escort, but not an abortion clinic. We're confident that the developers at Apple want to provide iPhone users with accurate information."

CNN reported Apple said Thursday the omission was not intentional.

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison said: "These are not intentional omissions meant to offend anyone. It simply means that as we bring Siri from beta to a final product, we find places where we can do better and we will in the coming weeks."

CNN said in its own informal test, when asked about Planned Parenthood -- which provides reproductive health services, including abortions -- Siri was able to locate a nearby clinic.

Source: UPI