Occupy Wall Street Movement Album in the Works

Nov 25, 2011, 08:42 by R.E. Christian

Musicians are putting together an album that will be sold to raise money for the anti-greed Occupy protesters across the United States, project organizers say.

Among those signing on to the "Occupy This Album" project are Graham Nash, David Crosby, Jackson Brown, Devo, Third Eye Blind, Ya Lo Tengo, Lloyd Cole, The Guthrie Family and filmmaker/activist Michael Moore, the producers said. They say the album will "provide an anthem and rallying cry for the protesters, CNN reported Thursday.

"The Occupation movement is really the voice of the people, it's an idea that's been a long time coming," CNN reported Nash said in the producers' announcement. "I fully support their non-violent protests against a system that is carefully crafted in favor of the rich 1 percent."

The album is expected to become available this winter with half of the proceeds going to the Occupy Wall Street general fund and the rest distributed evenly among the major occupations across the country, Jason Samel of Music for Occupy said.

Source: UPI