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Commentary Last Updated: Jan 4th, 2007 - 01:08:31

A Mickey Mouse 9/11 from ABC
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Sep 8, 2006, 01:16

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On Sunday and Monday nights, September 10 and 11, ABC TV, which is owned by Disney, the folks who brought you Mickey Mouse in 1928, plans to bring you a six-hour, $40 million docudrama, called �The Path to 9/11." It might well be called �The Path to Perdition,� seeing as how it bills itself as �an objective telling of the events of 9/11," when in fact the film was scripted by arch-conservative writer Cyrus Nowrasteh, whose friendship is claimed by no less than Rush Limbaugh. Don�t throw up yet. There�s more . . .

The film�s point is a twisting of the facts to blame former President Bill Clinton for the so-called �terrorist attacks� of 9/11. I smell Karl Rove. You may smell something else. Fortunately, you may have received an email from ActForChange asking you to contact ABC to �Tell the Truth About 9/11.�

ActForChange notes that �the list of counterterrorism initiatives undertaken by the Clinton Administration is lengthy and comprehensive. Regrettably, the record shows that most of these efforts were watered down or abandoned by the Bush administration when they came into office. History will also record that President Bush was the one who received -- and while on vacation, chose to ignore -- a Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6, 2001, entitled �Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US.��

My record shows that when the U.S. Army had Osama bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora in December 2001, it let bin Laden slip through its hands into the no-man�s land between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Media reports: �A CNN report on the search for Osama bin Laden noted that the insufficient number of U.S. forces in the mountains of Afghanistan in late 2001 allowed the Al Qaeda leader to escape capture. But the report omitted any reference to the recent revelation that the CIA specifically warned President Bush at the time that more U.S. troops were needed.� Odd Bush denied those troops to capture his arch foe. Or was that the desired effect?

So who�s kidding whom? This is a patently vicious attempt to unload the mishap and the larger tragedy of 9/11 on Clinton. What�s more, as I reported recently on Online Journal in Zarqawi the scourge defeated, Osama not wanted for 9/11?, �As everyone and his brother, including Jordanian intelligence, rushes in to claim a piece of the Zarqawi kill, his fellow Afghanistan-Mujihadeen and super-star terror-meister, Osama bin Laden, fades into Not Wanted by FBI for 9/11 status, that is, the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, according to an article by Enver Masud. What? What�s going on here? I thought that�s why Bush declared The War on Terror in the first place and went to Afghanistan to �smoke him out.��

Beyond that, we have been alternately told by Bush himself that �bin Laden is no longer of importance,� as well as by Donald Rumsfeld that bin Laden had been �marginalized.� Perhaps their ambiguity on the subject has to do with their lack of success in capturing him, though he has served faithfully as their patsy terror �boogeyman.�

Returning to the Mickey Mouse production, �The Path to 9/11," Clinton�s own team launched its strike against the docudrama, noting that �ABC�s entertainment division said the six-hour movie . . . will say in a disclaimer that is a �dramatization� . . . not a documentary� and contains �fictionalized scenes,�� which sound curiously like the Bush administration�s myth. In fact, �the movie is based on the Sept. 11 commission�s report, although that report contradicts several key scenes.� Wow. The Commission Report, often called The Omission Report, itself has been violated. I guess even Mickey would say, �Gosh, I smell a rat.�

Backing off, Marc Platt, the film's executive producer, said that although it �does contain composite and conflated scenes and representative characters and dialogue, we�ve worked very hard to be fair. If individuals feel they�re wrongly portrayed, that�s obviously of concern . . ." Well, aside from President Clinton�s ire, former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright found one scene involving her �false and defamatory.� Former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger said the film �flagrantly misrepresent my personal actions.� Bruce R. Lindsey, who heads the William J. Clinton Foundation, added, �It is unconscionable to mislead the American public about one of the most horrendous tragedies our country has ever known.�

I would second that, particularly in light of the massive evidence gathered by various scholars at 9/, (to name just one site), stating in fact it was the Bush administration and those power-brokers that pull its strings that brought us the tragedy of 9/11. Or was it Lee Harvey Oswald again?

In fact speaking of Lee Harvey Oswald, it was ABC�s Nightline that brought us on November 20, 2003, the �Mickey Mouse� documentary, �The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy,� narrated by the late Peter Jennings. Amazingly, ABC used the Zapruder film to explain �the magic bullet� theory, affirm the three-shot, lone-shooter theory and deny any conspiracy.

ABC used one Dale Myers to generate computer animation supposedly synched to every frame of the Zapruder film -- to clarify the film�s action and help make it confirm (or conform to) the state-planted myth. So ABC seems to be in the disinformation business big-time, if not a hangout for the CIA.

Interestingly, ABC�s new film, as ActForChange points out, was �apparently screened in advance only to conservative bloggers and journals -- and received extensive praise from none other than Rush Limbaugh.� Mickey is not only recreating the �Path to 9/11,� but the reviews for it. And something more, something even more pernicious.

See ABC and Scholastic release skewed Path to 9/11 �Discussion Guide� for high school teachers to assign to students.

The story comes from I advise you to read the entire article, from which the following quote comes, to get the full scope of this pernicious plan to brainwash the young. �In conjunction with the September 10 premiere of ABC miniseries The Path to 9/11 -- a six-hour 'docudrama' reportedly based on the findings of the 9-11 Commission Report -- ABC has teamed up with Scholastic to create a 'Discussion Guide for the Classroom' to urge high school teachers nationwide to '[e]ncourage your students and their families to watch The Path to 9/11 and use the accompanying' discussion guide as part of their lesson plan. ABC and Scholastic have reportedly sent out letters to 100,000 high school teachers informing them of the miniseries and accompanying discussion guide.

�A Media Matters for America review of The Path to 9/11 'resource sheets' and 'discussion guide[s]' provided to teachers has found that the material omits critical information regarding the Bush administration's pre-Iraq war weapons of mass destruction claims; falsely suggests a tie between Iraq and the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks; gives upbeat accounts of reportedly dire conditions on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan; suggests that military responses to Osama bin Laden by the Clinton administration could have 'hinder[ed] the U.S. stance on the war on terror'; and asks students to debate whether the media �hinder our national security.�"

So, in essence, Mickey and George and all their rodent friends would like to teach revisionist history to your high school students and my high school student. They would like the lies and shortcomings of their actions to be embedded in the consciousness of our children. In fact, �Media Matters review of Scholastic�s discussion guide has found it to be rife with conservative misinformation.� Thus the misinformation should be perpetuated in a new generation.

Remember, the Scholastic Corporation is one of the world�s leading children�s book publishers. It sells more than 320 millions books (Harry Potter, The Baby-Sitters Club, etc.) to children across the US and around the globe. It runs school book clubs and fairs, and publishes magazines for students and teachers. It produces textbooks and software, children�s TV programming, videos and films. It publishes the Encyclopedia Americana. Let�s not buy their crap.

What�s more, ABC like Scholastic reaches a huge audience. According to Wikipedia, �A 2003 Nielsen estimate found that ABC could be seen in 96.75 percent of all homes in the United States, reaching 103,179,600 households. ABC has 10 VHF and UHF owned-and-operated television stations and 191 affiliated stations in the U.S. and U.S. possessions.� So consider the impact of the distortions of history. It�s like once again teaching kids that the cowboys were the good guys for killing and stealing the lands of the bad Indians.

There�s something rotten in America and this is it. The Empire�s attempt to perpetuate its infamy. Not only should �The Path to 9/11� be shut down. But those monies should have been used to tell the truth about 9/11, that the Towers may have been exploded by planned demolition not jet fuel, that there remains the absence of any real proof that �Islamic terrorists� did it, and that bin Laden is nothing more than a convenient patsy, playing a role bought and paid for by the CIA since 1979.

If you thirst for more real information immediately, go to . . .

The 911 WTC Collapse: An Audio-Video Analysis

Good luck. And be sure to miss Katie Couric nightly at 6:30 EST on CBS. Not to mention �The Path to 9/11� on Sunday and Monday nights, September 10 and 11, on ABC. We can work it out. Without the liars.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York, where it happened. Reach him at

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