Europe Airport Scanners Put Under Tight Restrictions

Nov 18, 2011, 08:21 by R.E. Christian

The European Commission says new rules will allow the use of security scanners at European airports under strict operational and technical conditions.

European Union member states have been testing security scanners since a man attempted Dec, 25, 2009, to blow up a plane flying from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit with plastic explosives hidden in his underwear.

The use of the scanners has been under a patchwork of different national operational procedures and standards and in a limited way.

The new rules allow member states and airports to replace current systems with the security scanners, with uniform application of security rules at all airports, and with strict and mandatory safeguards, a commission release said Monday.

"Security scanners are not a panacea but they do offer a real possibility to reinforce passenger security," said Vice President Siim Kallas, the commissioner responsible for transport.

"It is still for each member state or airport to decide whether or not to deploy security scanners, but these new rules ensure that where this new technology is used it will be covered by EU-wide standards on detection capability as well as strict safeguards to protect health and fundamental rights."

Source: UPI