Michaele Salahi's Departure Surprised Husband

Sep 16, 2011, 11:42 by R.E. Christian

Tareq Salahi says he's surprised to hear his spouse, Michaele, a cast member of "Real Housewives of D.C.," has been traveling with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

Salahi reported his wife missing this week and told police he thought she had been kidnapped because she didn't take any of her belongings with her.

A publicist for the rock band later confirmed to media outlets that Michaele and Schon are together.

"I know those guys! They are my friends," Salahi told TV's "Inside Edition" regarding the musicians.

"If she was seen there [in Memphis where Journey performed,] I mean, I'm surprised. Why isn't she telling me that? ... It'd be a surprise to me... Michaela and I have always been honest with each other...If that's the case, she just has to tell me...Why am I hearing this through the media? ... I want her to know I love her. If something's going on, I need to know," Salahi told the entertainment news program.

The Salahis have been married eight years. They gained infamy when they turned up uninvited at a state dinner at the White House in 2009.

Source: UPI