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Commentary Last Updated: Aug 14th, 2006 - 00:42:57

"Who are the terrorists?"
By Luciana Bohne
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Aug 14, 2006, 00:40

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"Who are the terrorists? Damn Israel. Damn America. Damn the Arab states"

These are the curses Lebanese civilians invoke, while Britons and Americans cower in fear after their governments, which lied them into war in Iraq, assure them they have foiled a terrorist plot at Heathrow, which, if true, is only the consequences of their lies.

Fear. That is the result of American foreign policy -- and its intent.

"It's not important that they hate us; it is important that they fear us," so spoke the foreign policy pundits of the Roman Empire.

But fear has to be instilled through carnage -- and in Lebanon, where death stalks women, children, and old people, the carnage is failing to instill fear. It breeds resistance. Look at the faces and hear the voices of the people of Lebanon -- and learn how people find the courage in despair to stand up to fear.

Will they forgive us? That is the fear we should learn to confront -- not this burlesque of terror in the airports, purveyed by the very murderers who pretend to protect us. We have nothing to gain by standing behind our governments that wage criminal wars in our name and gain us the hatred of our brothers and sisters in the world.

We are all Lebanese, all Iraqis, all Palestinians, all Afghans -- the bombs that kill them will kill us. There are no "Islamo-fascists," in the sense Bush intends. Fascism is the corporate state married to militarism. A "fascist" is not just a "bad guy" or a "bad Muslim."

If anything, a fascist is a "Bushist" -- a follower of a false prophet, an enemy of humanity, who stands for war, social injustice and terror, and who says his God tells him that killing people to rob them of their lands and resources amounts to exporting democracy.

Look to standing up to fascism at home -- it does not need an exotic face. If we oppose Bush and the interests that support him, we will hear no more of this "terror" that is the deadly manure of its poisonous growth -- the seething swamp of corruption and infinite war that is shedding the blood of innocents and killing our conscience.

Luciana Bohne teaches film and literature at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She can be reached at

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