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Commentary Last Updated: Jul 31st, 2006 - 00:25:37

40 Israeli filmmakers oppose Israeli assault on Gaza and Lebanon
Translated by Luciana Bohne
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jul 31, 2006, 00:23

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Forty Israeli film directors have sent a letter to participants in the Festival of Arab Cinema (Biennale du Cinema Arabe) in Paris. Their letter appeared in Il Manifesto, 25 July 2006.

They write: "We salute Arab filmmakers assembled in Paris for the Biennale du Cinema Arabe. Through you, we wish to send a message of closeness and solidarity to our Lebanese colleagues currently beseiged and bombarded by our country's army. We firmly oppose the cruel brutality of Israeli policy, which has reached a new apex in the last weeks.

Nothing can justify the ongoing occupation, closure, and oppression of Palestine. Nothing can justify the bombardment of civilians and the destruction of infrastructure in Lebanon and Gaza. Permit us to tell you how extremely important your films, which we strive to see and circulate among us, are to our eyes. They make it possible for us to know you and to better understand you. Thanks to your films, the men, women, and children who suffer in Gaza, Beirut, and anywhere where our troops exercise their violence, have a face. We would like to thank you and encourage you to continue your work in spite of difficulties.

For our part, we will continue to proclaim loudly, through our films and our personal actions, our vehement opposition to the occupation and our desire for freedom, justice, and equality for all the people of the region."

Signatories: Nurith Aviv, Ilil Alexander, Adi Arbel, Yael Bartana, Philippe Bellaiche, Simone Bitton, Michale Boganim, Amit Breuer, Shai Carmeli-Pollack, Sami S. Chetrit, Danae Elon, Anat Even, Jack Faber, Avner Fainguelernt, Ari Folman, Gali Gold, BZ Goldberg, Sharon Hamou, Amir Harel, Avraham Heffner, Rachel Leah Jones, Dalia Karpel, Avi Kleinberger, Elonor Kowarsky, Edna Kowarsky, Philippa Kowarsky, Ram Loevi, Avi Mograbi, Jud Neeman, David Ofek, Iris Rubin, Abraham Segal, Nurith Shareth, Julie Shlez, Eyal Sivan, Yael Shavit, Eran Torbiner, Osnat Trabelsi, Daniel Waxman, Keren Yedaya

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