Codex, health and freedom of choice

By Robert S. Brown
Online Journal Contributing Writer

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August 23, 2005�Codex is here. What is it? How will Codex affect your freedom of choice concerning how you chose to maintain your health? Will Codex limit your free access to vitamins, nutrients, herbs and other alternative forms of health care? Many believe it will. Awareness is important and there is reason for concern.

Will the last person leaving the last health food store, who purchased the last bottle of non-prescription 500mg, vitamin C, please turn out the lights? For now, businesses that sell a service, conform to medically imposed licensing requirements, don�t make "medical" claims and don�t sell a product, can remain open.

The New World Order, the World Economic Order, the Brave New World, or whatever you want to call it is developing rapidly. International trade cooperation rule and Codex Alimentarius are here. Codex, the word/concept comes to us from the Roman Empire and the Romans used it as the way to impose law, regulation and authority on a broad scale on its citizens and conquered lands/people. Codex will effect you, me, everyone in the U.S. and everyone in our world in some way.

We first heard of major international trade regulation legislation early in the Clinton administration. International trade legislation has facilitated the easy exportation of American jobs to Third World countries.

Codex can negatively affect all Americans that chose to stay healthy by not using our prescription, drug/chemical based health care system. If the U.S. wants to remain a part of Codex, we will need to follow the international rules/laws that are a part of Codex.

Europe is a part of Codex and the European Union will put into affect a pharmaceutical directive stating that anything that changes or enhances human physiology will be controlled as a medical product. This includes items and practices that might prevent disease. Most items found in a health food store, most vitamins, minerals, protein, herbs, etc., will be available by prescription "only." Codex is supported and sponsored by the World Health Organization and the pharmaceutical Industry, of course.

Codex will not affect the individual that has chosen to use conventional established, medical health care. About 50 percent of our population has their freedom to chose guaranteed as long as they, their insurance or our government can pay for their drugs and medical services.

The individual who makes the choice to use alternatives to conventional medical health care has his freedom of choice protected now, by the U.S. Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that now, protects our mostly free access to alternative health care practices, vitamins, herbs nutrients, etc. Because the U.S. belongs to Codex, The World Health Organization can pressure the U.S. to modify DSHEA to conform to its guidelines.

Our Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association and our pharmaceutical Industry have long wanted to control and regulate our access alternative health care. Many believe they want to eliminate alternative health care. Codex offers the opportunity for much more control.

The health care industry spends about $150 million every year to purchase political influence and to assure control and profits. Our medical industry will spend about $2 billion, $800 million in advertising, this year to keep you convinced.

Are the people that chose to use alternative health care going to lose their freedom of choice? Many European nations have lost this choice and more will be losing it soon. Is Codex a threat to you? Is freedom of choice important to you? Who is watching out for your health?

Robert S. Brown is the author of "Health. Greed, Power."

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